Brooke sobs Bold and Beautiful
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Thomas surprises Steffy in her own home. He didn’t want to wake his niece. Steffy asks where he’s been, and he’s moved at her concern. Thomas explains he was with Hope, who is seeing him differently now. He relays Hope found out what it’s like to keep a dark secret. Steffy and Thomas talk Bold and BeautifulSteffy exclaims as she hears about Hope believing he’d died in a vat of acid. Thomas concludes she finally realized that good people make bad decisions. He states the three of them can now move forward as a family, with Douglas. Steffy’s skeptical about his methods of getting Hope to see him differently and he concedes it was unconventional, but nothing else was working. Thomas believes there’s now a chance for him and Hope…and for Steffy and Liam as well.

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At the Forrester mansion, Ridge informs Brooke she should have been honest with him – she owed him that; she owed his son that. Brooke insists she and Hope were going to tell the truth; they just needed time to think and to calm down. Ridge muses that she found time to let him know about Thomas’ indecent proposal. Brooke concedes they should have told him everything right then. Ridge isn’t sure if he believes she was relieved to learn Thomas was alive. Brooke rehashes what he did to Hope. Ridge says Thomas kept a secret and so did Brooke last night. Brooke protests – they were in shock! Ridge complains about her not trusting him to understand that an accident could happen. He rants about her and Hope tricking his son into signing papers. Brooke sighs…Thomas has problems. Brooke aghast at Ridge Bold and BeautifulRidge reminds her of all the problems she’s had over the years – people forgave her – but she can’t forgive his son. Ridge isn’t okay with her hatred toward Thomas – he needs her to stand with him, to help, but she gives ultimatums and keeps secrets. Ridge can never look at her the same way again. Brooke protests it will never be over for them – she’ll always be his Logan, but Ridge says, “We’re done.” A tear rolls down Brooke’s face. Ridge flashes through their good times to remember her that way. He holds her as they both cry. He’ll love her forever, but it’s goodbye. Brooke is left alone, sobbing.

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At Brooke’s house, Hope checks on a sleeping Douglas and strokes his hair. He awakens and smiles. Hope kisses him. Thoma and Hope give Douglas news Bold and BeautifulDouglas has a secret – sometimes he talks to Mommy in heaven and tells her things – like he wishes he had a sister and a puppy. Hope tells him Beth is already like his sister and he’ll be spending more time there; Hope will be part of his life always. Thomas arrives and together they tell Douglas that Hope has adopted him. She’ll never replace his real mom, but she will be his new mom. Douglas is thrilled they’re a family. They all smile.

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