Ridge bemoans the Rick situation to Taylor and thinks Rick gave Eric the same sob story that Throne gave Eric every couple of years – that he’s been in the shadow of the ‘favorite son’ for years. Taylor points out that Ridge never asked to be that, but says that’s exactly what he is and he shouldn’t be punished for it. Ridge just hopes Brooke can bring some perspective and set the record straight. Taylor asks when Ridge is moving back into Brooke’s house and Ridge scoffs. Ridge says he may not be able to move back in for a while because Rick has a long road of fake recovery ahead of him. Taylor questions his statement and Ridge says he’s certain Rick has been able to walk for a while now. Taylor is doubtful, but Ridge says Rick hates him and it’s a charade Rick will play as long as he gets what he wants, which is him out of the company and as far away from his mother as possible.

The podcast taping gets underway and a few mistakes are made, so they reiterate that the podcast is not live. Just in case anyone forgot. Eric makes the announcement that Rick will be the new president of Forrester Creations. Rick says he is honored and thrilled and will exceed everyone’s expectations. Brooke’s turn is next and she talks about how proud she is of her son and extols Rick’s many positive assets. She then talks about the outgoing president and says Ridge will take the time to focus on design and will stay on in that capacity because FC exists because of him. Brooke says they wouldn’t be here without him and calls Ridge a visionary and an inspiration, “He is Forrester Creations.”

While Jake prepares the podcast, Rick tells Brooke he’s unhappy that she chose to focus on Ridge in her speech. Brooke says it is important that the clients know Ridge will stay on as a designer and notes that Rick wouldn’t be in charge of such a successful company if it weren’t for Ridge. She hopes that one day he and Ridge will work side-by-side. Brooke walks away and Rick says, “I’m sorry Mom, but that is never going to happen.”

Brooke comes to Eric and Stephanie and says Jake is almost ready to post the podcast. Eric wishes Ridge had been there, but thanks Brooke for what she said about him. Eric leaves for a meeting and Stephanie also thanks Brooke for her words about Ridge. Brooke says she is proud of Rick, but Ridge is the glue that holds the company together and she wanted him to hear it from her. Stephanie appreciates it and thinks Ridge will too.

While Jake works on the announcement, he gets called away and Rick says he can finish it up for him. Jake leaves and Rick listens to Brooke's words about Ridge. He says, “Oh, barf” and then gets up to close the door and locks it. He goes back to the computer and edits Brooke’s speech. Rick thinks he can make Brooke’s speech better and says, “You don’t need to mention Ridge’s name at all.”

Stephanie waits for Eric and apologizes for their argument earlier. She notes that she vowed not to pressure him regarding any decision he would make so she supports his decision regarding Rick and the company. She understands his devotion, but hopes Rick appreciates the sacrifice he made concerning Ridge. Eric thinks he and Ridge will be all right, but Stephanie isn’t so sure.

Taylor and Ridge watch the podcast and note that everyone can watch it, even people overseas. Ridge is disappointed that Eric didn’t even mention him and then watches Brooke’s speech which Rick edited to sound like Brooke was talking about Rick when she said all the glowing things about Ridge. Ridge is outraged and Rick is thrilled at his handwork. Ridge is furious and wonders how Brooke could do this. Taylor tries to defend Brooke, but Ridge thinks what Brooke said to the whole company is totally out of line. Taylor doesn’t want to leave him alone, but Ridge says he won’t be alone long because his ‘devoted fiancée’ is on her way home. Taylor says he can call her anytime because she’s there for him. Taylor leaves and Ridge stews over what he just heard.

Jake comes back to the office and Rick assures him that everything went just fine. Jake thanks him and leaves and Rick says to himself, “Mom I’m so sorry, but you and Ridge are about to have a major misunderstanding,” and he deletes Brooke’s original speech.

Brooke comes home to a very unhappy Ridge. She asks if he saw the podcast and Ridge asks her if she meant everything that she said in her speech. Brooke assures him that she did and Ridge asks a confused Brooke how she could betray him.

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