Hope panics Bold and Beautiful
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At Forrester Creations, Thomas floats in the acid vat. Hope runs through the place calling for Douglas frantically. She finds him sitting in a dark office and embraces him. “Mommy’s here!” Douglas explains Thomas told him to wait there and play his video games. Charlie peeks in and relays he’s on special detail due to the dangerous hydrofluoric acid on the premises – it can dissolve a person’s body into nothing.Charlie warns Hope about acid Bold and Beautiful Hope learns it’s in the storage area, flashes to Thomas going over the railing and looks panicked before rushing off. Charlie stays with Douglas. Down by the acid vat, Hope tries unsuccessfully to find Thomas as Charlie’s words echo through her mind. A person in a hazmat suit hollers about the ventilation system – she needs to get out now.

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In Brooke’s living room, she argues with Ridge about Thomas. She’s afraid of him and of what he might do – she has to protect Hope and Douglas. Ridge can’t take this and assures her Thomas is going to be fine. Brooke asks him to stop blindly defending his son. Ridge insists he’s well aware of what Thomas has done but he’s forgiven him. He thinks Brooke’s over-reacting. She counters, “What if I’m not?”Ridge argues with Brooke Bold and Beautiful Ridge recaps that Thomas made the decision he thought was right for everyone at the time and he plans to stand by his son. Brooke switches gears to missing Ridge, who misses her too. She asks how things are at Eric’s and is certain Shauna’s paid a visit or two. Ridge stays mum. Brooke wants him to come back home. Ridge kisses her. He’ll move back in as soon as Thomas is healthy. They kiss. Ridge asks Brooke to keep trying to meet him halfway on Thomas – he doesn’t want his son to be dead to her and adds, “He’ll never be dead to me.”

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At the cliff house, Liam and Steffy gush over how cute the girls are together. Liam comments on their play dates becoming a regular thing – Beth and Kelly are getting to spend time together and so are they. They discuss Hope being with Thomas. Liam doesn’t like them being alone. Steffy points out Douglas is with them, but knows he’s still wondering if Thomas is unstable. She feels he’s no longer a threat. Liam relays that Bill asked him to return to Spencer Publications and he agreed. Steffy will miss him professionally and personally.Liam and Steffy talk Bold and Beautiful She asks how Hope feels. Liam isn’t sure she’ll care – her obsession with Douglas is non-stop and he’s worried it’s going too far. They discuss being reasonable and trying to move forward. Steffy teases she’s not pining away for Liam. He thinks she could pine a little. She jokes when she starts dating, she’ll have a line of Italian men down the block. Liam turns serious; he needs to be there more after all she’s gone through. Steffy texts Thomas, but there’s no response. She hopes he’s okay.

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