At Forrester Creations, Eric meets Jake in his office who is ready to tape Eric’s announcement of Rick becoming president. They plan to send it out as a podcast and Jake mentions that the video won’t go out live, so he’ll be able to fix any problems they may have with it. Jake leaves to do other things and Thorne come in outraged that Rick is going to be president. Thorne doesn’t think he’s ready to lead, but Eric says it’s Rick’s turn to be in the spotlight. Thorne notes that means Ridge is out, but Eric clarifies that Ridge turned down the opportunity to share the duty with Rick.

Rick comes off the elevator with the help of metal crutches that he’s using to help play up that he 'just' got the use of his legs back. Thorne sees him and tells Rick that his promotion is not justified. Thorne leaves and Rick tells Steffy and Marcus (who overheard) that Ridge turned down the co-presidency.

Rick goes to see Eric who tells him that Ridge will be designing from home from now on. Rick says that’s too bad that Ridge doesn't feel he can share the presidency with him. Eric and Rick then bond over Rick’s new position.

Stephanie comes to Brooke’s house and Ridge tells her that Eric made Rick president of FC. Stephanie is surprised, but Brooke defends the decision. Ridge explains that Rick told Eric about him turning off the ventilator and Stephanie asks why he would do that. Brooke doesn’t think Rick told Eric, but Ridge insists it’s the only way Eric would have found out. Ridge thinks Rick is trying to undermine his relationships with Eric and Brooke and thinks it’s working. Ridge doesn’t buy Rick’s miraculous recovery, but Brooke wonders why Rick would lie about it. Ridge says it’s because he wanted Ridge out of the house, the company and Brooke’s life. Brooke gets upset and says she has to make a statement on the podcast. Stephanie thinks she has a say in what’s to happen with the company and leaves.

Steffy and Marcus have differing views on Rick’s presidency. Marcus is thrilled for him, but Steffy feels bad for her dad. Steffy doesn’t know why Eric would do this, but Marcus thinks Eric knows what he’s doing. Steffy calls Taylor and tells her about Rick being president and that Ridge is out.

Ridge asks Brooke to take a stand with Rick before things go too far. Brooke loves Ridge, but says he can’t ask her to go against her son. She asks Ridge to work with him because maybe Rick will learn something from him, but Ridge doesn’t think that’s a good idea. Brooke says she will make her loyalties very clear on the podcast and Ridge thinks their love will see them through anything.

Marcus helps Jake set the cameras up and Jake reiterates that the announcement won’t be live, but after editing it anyone with a computer can log on to the Forrester website and view it.

Brooke comes to see Rick in Ridge’s office and tells him that Ridge won’t be coming today or probably using this office anymore. Brooke defends Ridge, while Rick presents his case against his brother yet again. Rick wants Brooke to support him on his new job and Brooke says she does support him, but she doesn’t like being put in the middle of Rick and Ridge. Rick says Ridge had every opportunity to be involved, but he declined. Brooke just hopes her speech will strike the right chord with everyone involved.

Taylor goes to see Ridge and is outraged at what’s happening. Ridge thought Eric was preparing him to take over the company, but now he’s giving it to Rick. Ridge doesn’t know how Eric could do this and Taylor asks what Brooke thinks about all this. Ridge says she will make a statement making it clear that Rick is not the heir apparent that Ridge is. He needs her to make a major impact and he knows that she won’t let him down.

Stephanie comes to Eric’s office and tells him that Ridge is already the president of FC. They argue and the issue of Ridge pulling the plug comes up. Stephanie defends her son and says what Rick told him is inaccurate. Ridge was just trying to help his father, not hurt him. Stephanie questions Rick’s recovery, but Eric doesn’t want to hear it. Stephanie thinks if Eric wants to bond with Rick he should go fishing with him, he shouldn’t make him president of the company. Eric says the offer to Ridge for co-presidency is still on the table, but Stephanie says that’s like a slap in the face.

Rick gets ready for the announcement and Brooke wonders if a specialist should check him out. Rick says no, because he needs to focus on this right now. Rick thanks her for all her support since the accident and says he loves her. Brooke hugs her son and a dark look falls over Rick's face.

Rick comes to Eric’s office and wonders what Stephanie is doing there. She responds that she’s trying to talk some sense into her husband because this is absurd. Eric tells Stephanie that he can forgive Ridge for his temper tantrums and for pulling the plug, but he won’t put up with the accusation that Rick is faking his injuries. Eric thinks Rick is making a brave and courageous comeback and he won’t have that belittled. Stephanie says Eric is making a huge mistake that he will regret. She asks him not to do this to the family or their son.

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