Hope and Thomas face off Bold and Beautiful

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Donna arrives at Brooke’s place and shares that Katie was tired. Brooke reads a puzzling message from Hope that she’s eating dinner with Douglas and Thomas in Ridge’s office.Brooke and Donna worry about Hope Bold and Beautiful Donna wonders if they’re celebrating signing the papers, but Brooke feels Hope would have come home if that was the case. Donna talks Brooke out of calling her – Hope can handle herself and may be close to getting him to sign the papers.

At Forrester Creations, Douglas brandishes the adoption papers and Hope tells him they’re top-secret documents. Douglas thinks she knows a lot. Thomas remarks, “Mommies always do.” Downstairs, Charlie oversees the hazardous cleaning process, which is completed. Up in the office, Thomas shows Hope his designs for Hope for the Future. She says they’re beautiful. Thomas smugly tells Douglas he’ll run this place one day; he likes the idea of working with Hope. Thomas says he’s made arrangements for Douglas; it’s time for him to go. Thomas watches Hope and Douglas Bold and BeautifulThomas will return to discuss things with Hope. Once alone, Hope calls Brooke and updates her. When Thomas returns, he mentions making her Douglas’ mother. Hope quips, “Make his dream come true!” Thomas replies, “Mine too.” He sits to look over the papers and Hope thinks Douglas should be there. Thomas alludes to the three of them becoming a family. Hope cagily replies that this will make them a family. Thomas notes she’s being really nice – is it real? He decides he trusts her and reiterates that he loves her. Sharing his child is proof. He pulls out a pen and holds it over the paper…

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Shauna finds Ridge for company at the Forrester mansion. They drink cognac and cheers. Shauna learns Ridge is waiting on Thomas as he’s having dinner with Hope – he thinks it’s a recipe for disaster. Ridge gets an update from Charlie and responds. Shauna marvels at Ridge keeping it all together and reminds him she’s there for him.Ridge and Shauna talk on sofa Bold and Beautiful Ridge smiles. Shauna declares the mansion is perfect for a destination wedding before. Ridge plans to be there until Thomas is back on his feet, then he’ll move back with his wife. Shauna likes having him to herself for now and suggests a dip in the pool and flirts with him. Ridge likes that she chases his blues away. She’s glad. Ridge confides that he’s worried Brooke and Hope have a plan to take his grandson away and it’s working. He doesn’t think Thomas understands Hope and Brooke, and explains his wife has an iron will.

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At home, Brooke worries to Donna about Hope being alone with Thomas. Donna feels it’s a risk they have to let her take.

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