Hope outside Halloween party Bold and Beautiful
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In the cabin, Brooke mentions Hope going to Eric’s party and worries about what will happen if Thomas figures out Hope is manipulating him. Hope feels the risk is worth it for Douglas. Liam arrives and Brooke exits. Hope says she’s going to spend some time with Douglas at Eric’s. Liam implores her to stay with them because of Thomas but Hope promised Douglas.

At the Forrester mansion, Thomas assures Douglas that Hope won’t disappoint him and sends him upstairs to get into his costume. Thomas calls Steffy.

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Steffy on phone at Halloween Bold and BeautifulAt the cliffhouse, Steffy answers Thomas’ call. He updates her that Ridge and Brooke have taken their wedding rings off. She asks if they’re getting a divorce. Thomas replies, “If I have anything to say about it.” Steffy advises him not to get his hopes up. Thomas stresses things are changing and reveals Hope reached out – she’s joining him and Douglas, so perhaps Liam wants his daughters to spend Halloween together. Steffy calls Liam to come over. He agrees and thanks her.

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In the Forrester guesthouse, Ridge tells Shauna she’ll liven up the party in her gypsy costume, then roots around for his own costume. She suggests they take a nap, but he declines and exits. Up in the mansion, Eric tells Quinn she looks beautiful. They’re canoodling in their costumes when Ridge enters. Quinn, Eric and Ridge before Halloween party Bold and BeautifulHe mentions Shauna being in the guestroom and Quinn suggests he get to know her better – she’s a lot of fun. In the guesthouse, Shauna tells herself anything can happen tonight. Up in Douglas’ room, he’s excited in his doggy costume. Thomas is too. Douglas says seeing Mommy Hope makes him happy. Thomas knows the feeling. They hug. Downstairs, Ridge is in hockey gear and discusses Hope coming to the party with Eric and Quinn. Ridge says it’s for Douglas. Shauna arrives and greets Ridge as Quinn grins watching them. Shauna can’t stop thinking about the way he kissed her. Ridge says, “Friends?” Thomas and Douglas appear, and Thomas pulls Quinn aside to thank her. Quinn alludes to Ridge and Shauna bumping into one another in the guesthouse. Thomas approves. Hope arrives and Thomas is glad she could make it. Hope wouldn’t miss it. Eric makes a toast and Ridge thanks him for opening his house to the motley crew. Hope tells Douglas she loves him and will always look out for him. Douglas says, “I love you Mommy Hope.” Thomas pulls her away to remind her she will have to be part of his life to be with Douglas. Hope wants to leave the past in the past and get along. Thomas agrees.

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Donna costume Brooke Bold and BeautifulDonna arrives at Brooke’s house dressed as Sandy from Grease to make her laugh. Brooke tells her Hope is at Eric’s party. Donna’s dismayed.

At Steffy’s house, she and Liam joke with each other while holding the girls. Liam worries about Hope’s judgment being clouded and is grateful to be there.

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