Brooke is stunned to see Rick standing and Rick acts like it’s the first time. He credits it to Eric believing in him by giving him the presidency of FC. He says it was positive thinking that made him try it and now he can stand!

Steffy and Taylor discuss Ridge, and Taylor thinks they shouldn’t assume Ridge will stay with them again. Steffy thinks Ridge enjoyed being with them and Taylor reminds her it was just one night, but Steffy thinks it was a great night. Taylor says sometimes you shouldn’t get your hopes up. Steffy says last night was amazing and Taylor agrees and says even Stephanie thinks she is making inroads with Ridge. Taylor comments how happy she is to have Stephanie back in her life and in her corner. Steffy hopes Ridge listens to his mother and realizes how much they want him back home. Taylor says she will do everything to make sure Ridge knows that. Steffy is happy to hear her mother sound so positive. When Taylor first came back to them, Steffy thought everything would go back to the way it was, but when Ridge left, her fantasy of them as a happy family exploded. She couldn’t stand to see Taylor so hurt and that’s why she left and stayed away at school for so long. Steffy berates herself for not being there for Taylor then, but she will keep hoping with all her heart that Ridge will come back to her. When she has her own kids, Steffy wants to bring them back to the house so they can see how happy their grandparents are. Taylor is going to do everything to make that happen, but points out Brooke is in the picture. Steffy knows this but doesn’t think it will last. She wants to call Ridge so he knows they are here for them during his rough time.

Ridge and Eric argue over the shared presidency at FC. Ridge thinks it’s a bad idea, but Eric thinks it could work. Ridge continues to bemoan Eric’s decision, when Eric brings up Ridge’s actions while he was in a coma. Ridge realizes Rick told him and defends what happened. He explains that he didn’t want him to suffer and there was nothing more the doctors could do to help. He couldn’t just let Eric lie there like that and he tells his father he heard his voice saying, “Let me go.” Eric insists he didn’t ask for that, but Ridge knows he heard his voice. Eric accuses Ridge of giving up on him and says he would never give up on Ridge. Ridge thinks that’s exactly what he’s doing right now by choosing Rick over him. Eric wants his children to know they all have an equal place in his heart and that’s not happening right now. Ridge thinks Rick is playing Eric and begs Eric to not let him play him for a fool.

Eric and Ridge come back to Rick’s room and see him walking. Brooke and Eric are thrilled, but Ridge is skeptical. Ridge sarcastically calls it a miracle, but Rick says it’s because of Eric’s faith in him. As Brooke and Eric fawn over Rick, Ridge watches with disdain. Rick says his entire life he never felt like he could measure up to Ridge, but today Eric made him feel like he could. Ridge thinks they should call his doctor to have him checked out, but Rick doesn’t need someone to tell him he can feel his legs. Rick says he was cursing his fate before, but now he’s on top of the world.

Out in the hall Ridge talks to Steffy on the phone and says he can’t come over because he’s in the middle of something. He tells her Rick can walk and Steffy thinks it’s amazing. Ridge says that’s one way to describe it. He tells his daughter he has to get back to Rick, Eric and Brooke and will talk to her later.

***A newsbreak cut in to share that President-Elect Obama and his wife Michelle met with the Bushes at the White House.***

Rick calls Ridge ‘the bastard son of Massimo Marone’. He says Ridge will never be a Forrester because they are gentlemen and he is nothing but an insufferable egomaniac. Ridge calmly retorts, “Big words for a whiny brat.” Rick declares that Ridge’s time is over and now it’s his time with his father. Rick warns, “It’s my company now. I’m the president of Forrester Creations and if you cross me, I’ll destroy you.”

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