Quinn and Shauna talk about kiss Bold and Beautiful
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Hope arrives in her mother’s living room, where she and Brooke wonder about Douglas’ night. Brooke hopes he didn’t cry himself to sleep. Hope asks, “Did you?” Talk turns to Ridge’s inability to see Thomas for what he is. Hope feels it’s a problem they can solve without him.

At the Forrester mansion, Thomas notices Ridge isn’t wearing his wedding ring. Ridge says Brooke took hers off first. Thomas asks, “Why?” He figures it was because of him. Ridge says no one is responsible but the two of them, and rings or not, they’re still in it. Thomas takes a call from Hope, who wants to come over after Douglas gets home from school. He makes arrangements, then disconnects. Ridge questions Hope’s sudden change of heart. In the guesthouse, Shauna tells Quinn that she and Ridge both slept there last night. Quinn also learns that he wasn’t wearing his wedding ring since Brooke’s in an-eye-for-an-eye mode. Shauna shrugs that Thomas can be a psychopath sometimes but he’s not a total lost cause. Quinn listens as Shauna describes Ridge pulling off her beauty mask before indulging in hot, torrid…conversation. She’s never met anyone like him – he makes her want to behave, and misbehave. Quinn knows what she means. Shauna gapes, “You and Ridge?” Quinn tells her about her past kisses with him and points out he wasn’t married at the time. “Is he now?” Shauna doesn’t think he knows. Later, Shauna searches for a costume for the Halloween party and flashes to Ridge kissing her.

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Brooke and Hope disagree on Bold and BeautifulAt Brooke’s place, Hope disconnects from Thomas. Brooke hopes she knows what she’s doing. Hope replies, “So do I.” They debate the wisdom of playing on Thomas’ feelings. Hope insists she can bring Douglas back home where she belongs. Brooke muses it doesn’t feel right, keeping something so big from Liam and Ridge.

Hope spends time with Douglas and Thomas Bold and BeautifulThomas lets Douglas answer the door as Hope arrives at the Forrester mansion. She glances at Thomas as she embraces the boy. They discuss Halloween and Hope agrees to join them at Eric and Quinn’s party. Douglas runs off and Hope tells Thomas her mom overstepped with the adoption papers. She found out Thomas can retain his parental rights even if she adopts him – they could both be in Douglas’ life. Later, Douglas cuddles with Thomas, who says it will be great having Mommy Hope there for Halloween.

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Ridge on phone at Forrester Creations Bold and BeautifulAt Forrester Creations, Ridge takes a call from Brooke, who missed him last night. She asks if he’s found Thomas professional help yet. Ridge tightly explains they haven’t found the right person yet. Talk turns to Hope getting custody of Douglas. Ridge reiterates it’s not going to happen. After disconnecting, Ridge recalls his kiss with Shauna.

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At Brooke’s, Hope updates her mother she’ll be attending Eric’s Halloween party then tells her what she learned about adoption – it would make it easier to pursue sole custody later. Brooke has concerns. Hope says Liam wouldn’t approve, but they must save Douglas.

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