Hope tells Brooke her plan Bold and Beautiful
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In Brooke’s living room, she and Hope recap Thomas taking Douglas away. Hope won’t be able to tuck him in tonight – it feels wrong. Brooke laments that Ridge can’t see his son is disturbed and reveals he gave her no choice but to take off her ring. She had to make him see how serious she is. Hope worries she’s pushed Ridge too far. Suddenly, Hope gets a call from Douglas, who asks if he can still call her mommy. Hope tells him he can and says goodnight with his stuffed toy, Peanut Butter. Douglas wants to come home and be with her and Beth, but his dad says he can’t. “I miss you.”Brooke and Hope on phone Bold and Beautiful Hope misses him too. They sign off and Hope tells Brooke she can’t take this. She muses, “What if there was a way to protect Douglas and for me to still be his mom?” If she could spend time with Thomas and Douglas as a family, she may be able to convince him to sign over custody. Brooke wonders if she’ll play on his obsession for her. Hope would have to be careful, but knows Thomas is vulnerable when it comes to her. She wants Liam, but has to do this for Douglas.

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In the Forrester guesthouse, Ridge and Shauna kiss passionately. They pull apart and Shauna worries about the state he’s found her in. Ridge reassures her. She asks if his marriage is really over. Ridge isn’t sure; it’s complicated. Shauna is there for him and asks if it has to do with Thomas.Ridge and Shauna passionate kiss Bold and Beautiful Ridge tells her Brooke had adoption papers drawn up to take Douglas away from him. Shauna’s so sorry. Ridge wants his marriage but not at the expense of his son. Shauna feels Thomas needs Ridge and his son too. She reflects on the commonalities in her and Brooke’s past. She would ensure Ridge was kept a very happy man. Ridge confides Brooke used to look at him with a twinkle in her eye – he sees that when Shauna looks at him now. He tells her neither of them will leave – he needs her to be his friend. Shauna jokingly hopes her assets won’t be a distraction, then promises she’ll provide the tenderness he requires. In the main house, Thomas thanks Eric again and assures him Douglas is settling in well. Eric feels he’s an exceptional little boy – he loves and supports Thomas but his behavior… Thomas interjects that the extremes he went to were all out of love; he still loves Hope and still wants her as a mother for his son. Thomas thinks of Hope and calls her.

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At Brooke’s house, Hope takes Thomas’ call letting her know Douglas has settled in – he never wants to hurt her again, then says goodnight. Hope disconnects and is sure she can get him to trust her again. She tells Brooke that Liam, Steffy and Ridge can’t know what she’s doing. Hope must save Douglas from Thomas. She feels her plan will work…it has to work.

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