ridge confronts hope brooke liam about adoption papers on bold and beautiful
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Ridge talks to Pearl, (played by Mariana Vicente), and another model during a fitting at Forrester. Thomas ridge with forrester models on bold and beautifularrives late and the girls leave. As Ridge rants about his tardiness, Thomas reveals news of the adoption papers. Ridge looks over the papers and says, “You can’t sign this.” Thomas wonders if he even deserves Douglas, but Ridge snaps, “You can’t sign your rights away.” No matter what papers Hope drew up. Ridge is gutted when Thomas reveals Brooke’s behind the papers. Thomas relives his mistakes and why he couldn’t rip Beth away from Steffy. He knows it was a bad decision and thanks Ridge for making him realize it and for making him a priority. As Ridge heads out the door, vowing to get Thomas’ son back, Thomas smirks then follows.

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At the mansion, Hope joins Brooke and Liam and relays that Thomas didn’t sign the papers – but he will. Hope fills them in on her conversation with Thomas and how he’ll sign over Douglas for her. Brooke and Hope want Douglas safe, but Liam only wants what’s best for him. Isn’t adoption a bit much? liam pleads with hope about thomas on bold and beautifulThere are so many other custody possibilities – Doulas is a child who loves his dad. Liam knows what it’s like to grow up without a dad. Bill’s changed, and what if Thomas gets the help he needs? If they adopt Douglas, and Thomas changes, it might not be in the boy’s best interest. Hope won’t budge and wants Douglas to be theirs, legally. Suddenly, Ridge and Thomas barge in. Ridge demands to know if Brooke ambushed Thomas with these papers. Brooke admits it, but Ridge warns they will not threaten his son with legal papers, ever! No one is taking Douglas away.

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Over at the cliffhouse, Wyatt and Kelly visit as Bill explains that Katie’s getting better every day. Talk turns to Wyatt’s engagement… Bill’s disgusted that he got down on one knee for Sally Spectra. Wyatt tells him to mind his own business, but Bill wants to know how he really feels about Sally – bill talks to wyatt about quinn's feelings engagement on bold and beautifulcan’t he just string her along for a couple of years? Wyatt doesn’t see a reason to wait and is irked when Bill confesses Quinn wanted him to talk Wyatt out of the engagement. Bill brings up Flo and thinks he’s rushing into it with Sally. Wyatt’s confused… Bill hates Flo for what she did with Beth. Bill doesn’t deny having issues with Flo, but what she did for Katie… If Bill feels this way, he knows Wyatt has to be conflicted about his feelings for Flo too. Wyatt didn’t have the facts, about Flo being Katie’s donor, before he spontaneously proposed to Sally. It’s apparent Wyatt still cares about Flo. As his father, Bill wants him to be very clear about what he wants.

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