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Ridge and Steffy look at Thomas’ designs at Forrester. After Steffy compliments them, Ridge suggests she call him. She can’t forgive and forget. Ridgeridge tries to heal steffy and thomas' relationship on bold and beautiful insists forgiveness is necessary, but Steffy can’t forget the pain his caused everyone, especially Douglas. Ridge knows Thomas loves his boy. Monica, (played by Jessica Milagros), who’s covering for Katie, interrupts to touch base with Steffy on their social media campaign then exits. Ridge keeps pushing Steffy to forgive Thomas then talks turns to Brooke. Steffy warns Brooke has no right to dictate where Douglas lives and believes she and Ridge are on a collision course that will affect their marriage. Ridge knows he and Brooke are on different sides of the fence where Thomas is concerned. Steffy knows he has a rough road ahead.

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At the cabin, Brooke seethes for Thomas to do the right thing for Douglas. He refuses to give up his kid. Hope convinces Brooke to give them some time. Once alone, hope pleads with thomas to give douglas up on bold and beautifulThomas admits hurting Hope is his biggest regret… if he signs the adoption papers, it will be for Hope. He recalls losing Caroline and how he wanted to make a family with Hope for Douglas. If he can’t have that life with Hope, maybe Douglas still can. Thomas doesn’t appreciate Brooke’s interference and thinks she’s trying to pay him back. Hope gets Thomas to admit that he trusts her and begs him to put Douglas’ needs first and sign the papers. It would be a way for him to make up for the damage he caused. Hope wants Douglas safe – and to never be ripped away from her. As Hope continues to beg, a voice in Thomas’ head reminds him that Brooke hurt his family – and that Hope drives him insane. He just wants to kiss her… Thomas refocuses on what Hope’s saying and agrees to think about the adoption. As Thomas steps closer, and says he will always care about her, Hope becomes nervous.

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Brooke joins Liam and Douglas in his room at the mansion. Though Liam’s nervous that Thomas and Hope are alone, Brooke relays to both of them that they’re making some very important plans for the future. Privately, Brooke tells Liam that Hope thought she could get further with Thomas alone. Liam admits Brooke threw him with the adoption papers. Why isn’t it enough that Douglas is safe and living with them? Brooke is determined to have them adopt Thomas’ son.

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