Eric is stunned upon learning that Ridge pulled the plug on him. Rick apologizes, but says, “Ridge tried to kill you.” Rick says Ridge pulled the plug out of greed because he wanted to control the company. Eric can’t believe that and Rick says Ridge won’t spin it that way, but that’s what happened. Rick encourages Eric to focus on happier times like when he was with Brooke. Rick recounts their past together as a family and wonders if he ever thinks about those times. Eric says of course he does, but he and Brooke took different paths. Rick blames Ridge for that and urges his father not to cave into Ridge this time by giving up the company to him. Rick continues to badmouth Ridge to Eric, but he doesn’t think he’s getting through to his father. Rick thinks if he got half the encouragement and devotion Ridge gets from Eric, who knows what he could do. He says he is so loyal, respectful and loving, but that doesn’t matter because Ridge will always be Eric’s favorite. Eric insists there is no competition between his children for his love. Rick thinks there is and says he tried to be the good son by going to Paris and he did a good job with Forrester International. He thinks he is just as qualified as Ridge to run FC, but Ridge feels entitled. Rick feels like he gets treated like the bastard son because he isn’t Stephanie’s child. He thinks Ridge will build Brooke up only to shatter her again and he won’t let that happen.

Taylor and Stephanie continue to talk about Ridge and Rick. Steph assures Taylor she is not responsible for the anger Rick feels towards Ridge. Taylor isn’t so sure and thinks if she fought for Ridge when she first came back none of this would have happened. Steph tries to convince her it’s not her fault, but now that she’s aware of her feelings, she can have Ridge now. Taylor wants to believe it, but is afraid to get hurt. Stephanie thinks Taylor can make a life with Ridge again and thinks she’s already on her way. Taylor is just thankful to have Stephanie back in her life and they hug. They discuss how wonderful it is to be friends again and Taylor apologizes for blaming her and lashing out at her. Steph says it’s water under the bridge and they both made mistakes. It won't happen again because they need each other and they vow to beat both the Logan sisters. Stephanie tells Taylor to take advantage of the situation and to fight for the man she loves.

In bed Ridge and Brooke talk about Rick. Brooke says Rick hasn’t made much progress since he’s been in the house and Ridge thinks it’s because he’s only focused on his anger toward him instead of getting better. Ridge doesn’t know how much more he can take of Rick lashing out at him and badmouthing him to everyone. Brooke asks Ridge to give him the benefit of the doubt, but Ridge says Rick won’t stop and is making him out to be the bad guy. Ridge thinks Rick is playing her, but she insists she knows what’s up. Ridge suggests Rick needs to work though his issues as evidenced by his love for the older ladies. Brooke blames herself for not being there for him when he was a child, but Ridge thinks he needs to be treated like a man. Brooke wants peace in the family and Ridge says he will make that happen once the company is turned over to him, because he will have a pep talk with Rick. He won’t fire him if he doesn’t fall in line, but he can’t take anymore of his attitude and doesn’t think Brooke should either. Ridge thinks he will finally get everything he always wanted, her, the kids and the company. He states that nothing will stop them and nothing will stop him. As they get dressed, Ridge says he will talk to Rick and Brooke is wary. Ridge thinks it will be a peace talk and Brooke is grateful. Ridge tells her he lives for making all her dreams come true.

Eric tells Rick he loves all his children equally, but Rick insists Eric loves Ridge the best. He never wanted to admit it, but talking to him now Rick knows it’s true. Eric tells Rick he loves him and that he’s here for him. He understands Rick’s feelings and he promises that never again will he feel or be second to Ridge ever! Ridge overhears and accuses Rick of playing Eric just like he’s playing Brooke, but it will stop now! Ridge tells Eric Rick is playing on his sympathies and recalls that Rick attacked him when he went over the edge. Rick counters that Ridge kissed his fiancée and threw him off the roof, but of course it’s not his fault. Ridge wants to talk to Eric alone about FC, but Eric says Rick is part of that and he should be involved. Brooke comes to the room and Eric says, “Take a good look at your son – the President of Forrester Creations.” Ridge says he is President but Eric explains they will be co-Presidents. Ridge says he would rather resign first and thinks Eric can’t mean this. Eric says he is serious and that Rick is the new President of FC. Rick asks Brooke if she wants to congratulate him and Brooke awkwardly walks over to kiss her son. Ridge says he’ll talk to Eric later and leaves the room.

Alone, Rick thanks his father and Eric says he’ll see him at the office. Eric leaves and Rick processes what just happened. He slowly gets out of bed repeating, “President of Forrester Creations.” Brooke comes back and sees Rick standing. Brooke is shocked and Rick says he can explain everything.

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