Liam and Hope disagree Bold and Beautiful
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At the cliff house, Steffy holds Beth and tells her after the girls’ nap they’ll go to the beach. She says how much she loves her and how it hurt to let her go.Steffy holds Beth Bold and Beautiful “Thanks to your daddy, that’s all about to change.”

At the cabin, Hope learns Liam left Beth with Steffy and Kelly and is upset he didn’t communicate his plans to her. Liam reminds her Steffy loves Beth and misses her. As he searches for papers, Hope sees a text from Steffy pop up on his phone. She tells him there’s something she has to take care of, and leaves.

At Vinny’s apartment, Thomas tells Zoe he’s done with the coven of witches and is getting rid of them; that starts by getting Brooke away from his father. He rants that Brooke has gotten worse and Zoe learns Ridge has moved out. Thomas tells her the story about Shauna. He feels Brooke could push Ridge right into Shauna’s arms. Thomas recaps how Brooke snatched his dad away and now Hope’s doing the same thing to his sister with Liam. “All they care about is latching onto a man.” He hopes Liam realizes his place is with Steffy and Kelly, not with a Logan.

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Hope arrives at Steffy’s door and states, “I came for Beth.” She confronts her about the text she sent Liam which contained ‘xo’s and heart emojis and warns, “He’s not yours anymore; he’s living with me.” Steffy reminds her that she, Liam and Kelly are a family and he was living there because Hope insisted on it. She was Beth’s mother too – she loved her and cared for her every day and it’s like Hope doesn’t even care that she ripped her away from her and Kelly. Steffy adds that’s what Logans do – they take. They bicker until Hope explains Liam sees his future with her. Liam stunned expression Bold and BeautifulSteffy asks, “Are you sure about that?” Hope demands she show respect and their voices raise as Liam appears and confronts Hope about how she’s treating Steffy after what she’s been through. He feels they should have been bringing Beth there more and asks her to feel some compassion. Hope protests, and advises Liam he needs to tell Steffy that he sees his future with her. Liam makes stunned faces as Hope goes on about it being the kind thing to do and demands he tell Steffy it’s over.

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At Forrester Creations, Shauna enters Ridge’s office. He asks, “Is there something I can do for you?” Shauna grins, “That Mr. Forrester, is a loaded question.” She learns Brooke’s working from home and is glad to have him to herself. Shauna warns someone else knows about their kiss – Thomas. Ridge is concerned and wants to reassure Thomas he’s there for him and not distracted. He has to get Thomas and Steffy both back on track and recaps what Steffy went through. Shauna feels Brooke and Hope aren’t sensitive to what Steffy’s going through.

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