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At Forrester Creations, Thomas eavesdrops with interest as Shauna tells Ridge she felt something that made her want to kiss him again. Outside, Pam catches Thomas and warns him she’s onto him. Thomas realizes she thinks he’s stealing lemon bars and tries to get rid of her, but Pam stays. In the office, Shauna promises Ridge that the kiss will be their little secret. Ridge doesn’t even remember it. Talk turns to Katie and Ridge talks up the great thing Flo did. Shauna hopes Ridge will give her another chance and convince Steffy to as well.Thomas confronts Shauna Bold and Beautiful She lets it slip that she used to be a showgirl before Ridge exits. After, Thomas joins Shauna and states, “You kissed my father.” She realizes he was eavesdropping. Thomas thinks she’s falling for Ridge. He doesn’t care; he just wants Brooke out. Shauna can’t make a play for Ridge and risk Flo being further alienated. Thomas teases that his dad’s into her too – if she can get Brooke out of their lives, he’ll be forever grateful. He intones, “It’s time to strike. It’s time for payback.”

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In the hospital, Brooke tells Bill and Katie she still can’t get over her donor being Flo.Will and Katie in hospital Bold and Beautiful Katie understands why they feel the way they do about Flo, but she feels nothing but gratitude. Will enters with a nurse and hopes Katie can come home soon. They hug. After Brooke’s gone, Will says he thinks the person who donated her kidney is an angel – he wants to thank her. Katie tells Bill and Will how much they mean to her before Bill takes their son home.

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At Flo’s place, Wyatt is in awe of her generosity and has to thank her – she gave his little brother his mom back. Flo also did it for her dad. Wyatt recaps she gave a part of herself to save Katie. Flo notes she’s not out of the woods yet, and reiterates she didn’t do it to get back in with Brooke and Hope – it just felt like the right thing to do. Wyatt feels the family may come around after what she did – he can’t think of anything more meaningful, and confirms he sees her differently now. Flo feels closer to her father now and Wyatt thinks that both makes sense as parts of them are keeping Katie alive. He believes deep down his father is grateful for what she did, and he promises to work on Liam. Flo brings up his engagement to Sally, who couldn’t wait to tell her. He wanted to be the one to tell her. Flo wants him to be happy, but wishes that happiness could be with her.

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At home, Brooke thanks Ridge for meeting her. They miss each other and recap why he can’t be there right now. Brooke thinks they can move past the night with Shauna, but still doesn’t trust Thomas – they’ll have to ensure this doesn’t come between them.

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