Bill, Will and Katie after surgery Bold and Beautiful

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At the hospital, the kidney is brought into Katie’s OR. In the waiting area, Katie’s family is updated that the transplant is underway. Brooke tells Bill that Donna is bringing Will back. Elsewhere, Shauna learns Flo’s kidney has been taken to be put into Katie. In Flo’s OR, her doctor prepares to have her taken to recovery and tells his unconscious patient she did great. Shauna, meanwhile, asks for news on Katie and discusses the family situation with the transplant coordinator. In the other waiting area, Liam reflects it takes a special person to give such a gift to a stranger. Katie continues to undergo surgery. Donna returns to the hospital with Will, who worries to his dad that sometimes people don’t wake up – he was reading online. Bill assures him his mom will be as good as new. Brooke reminds Will she’s the strongest person he knows – she’ll wake up and live a very long life. Brooke and Hope at hospital Bold and BeautifulRidge takes the boy to get some candy. Brooke steps aside with Hope, who questions the development with Ridge and Shauna. Brooke is just glad he’s there being supportive. Hope wonders if Shauna helped him that night to score points with Brooke. Brooke has no intention of forgiving them for anything. In recovery, Shauna is there as Flo comes around and tells her, “You’re okay. You did it. I am so proud of you.”

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Bill and Katie’s family learns that she’s done in surgery. In Flo’s room, she asks about Katie and hears the transplant went well – her aunt is lucky to have her in her life. Shauna thinks all of the Logans are, and wishes they knew it. Elsewhere, Bill, Will, and the others get the go-ahead to visit Katie. Dr. Davis says everything went smoothly and they’ll watch her closely. Katie begins to wake up, caresses Will’s face, and realizes she’s okay. Ridge puts his arm around Brooke and Donna fights happy tears. Justin and Liam peek in and Dr. Davis draws the line for too many admirers. Bill takes Will to eat after telling Katie he loves her. Ridge tells Dr. Davis that the Logan girls will look after Katie, who croaks, “I want to meet the donor.” After, Flo’s transplant coordinator tells Flo and Shauna the transplant was a success and reveals Katie has asked to meet her donor. Flo and Shauna after surgery Bold and BeautifulShauna urges Flo to tell them the truth. As they wait to hear, the Logans feel the donor is already an honorary member of the family. The coordinator joins them to say an orderly is bringing the donor over now. Shauna enters. Brooke’s offended at her barging in and tells her to leave. Shauna makes a speech about Flo being part of their family; she was concerned, that’s why she wanted to do something. Just then, Flo is wheeled in. Shauna says, “Katie, meet your donor.” Everyone’s stunned. Hope narrows her eyes and gasps, “Flo?” Brooke asks, “You’re serious? Your daughter?!” Shauna confirms, “Storm’s daughter, your niece.”

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