Flo undergoes surgery Bold and Beautiful
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In Katie’s hospital room, Katie explains the surgery to Will as Bill assures him she’ll be as good as new. Will asks, “Then what are we waiting for?” to laughter from his parents, Donna and Brooke. In the hallway, Hope and Liam discuss Wyatt and Sally caring from the girls, then Hope reflects on Katie finding a donor – it’s goes to show there are still good people in the world. In Flo’s hospital room, she confirms she’s certain about moving forward but is adamant about remaining anonymous. Flo, Shauna, Camille before surgery Bold and BeautifulIt’s a chance to do good, and to know she’s brought something other than pain to this family. She and Shauna learn from the doctor that she will be up walking around later today. Meanwhile, Ridge joins Hope and Liam – he wanted to be there for Katie…and for Brooke of course. Dr. Davis enters Katie’s room to advise they’ll be taking her to the OR shortly. Katie knows this is scary for Will, but she’ll be at home being his mom again soon. She urges him to go do something fun with Donna as it will be a long day. They embrace. Katie promises the entire time she’s asleep she’ll be dreaming of him. His face, and Bill’s, are the first she wants to see when she awakens. Brooke hugs Katie in hospital Bold and BeautifulAfter, Dr. Davis updates Bill, Katie, and Brooke on how the kidney will be transplanted into Katie. Bill thinks it’s a miracle; the woman he loves, the mother of his son, will be healthy again. “That donor is a hero to me.” In Flo’s room, Shauna looks forward to everyone finding out what Flo has done, but her daughter reminds her that’s not why she’s doing this. Shauna is proud and thinks her father would be too.

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In the corridor outside Katie’s room, Ridge has filled Hope and Liam in on his situation as Hope grimaces, “Shauna?” Brooke appears and Ridge hugs her. Bill joins them as Katie’s just been taken to surgery. He thanks ‘Forrester’ for coming. Justin appears for support and asks after Will.Hope, Liam and Ridge in hospital Bold and Beautiful Brooke says all Katie showed her son was how much she loves him. In the operating rooms, Flo and Katie each prepare to undergo surgery. In the waiting area, Brooke sits with Ridge while Liam and Bill exchange a glance. Justin offers Bill something to eat, but he is too worried. Ridge tells Brooke he’s tried to convince Steffy to let Thomas to move in so he can fix his family. She assures him Douglas is well cared for. Ridge suggests they focus on Katie, but Brooke presses for Douglas to stay with Hope and Liam, then recaps that she will never forgive Flo and Shauna. Bill learns Katie’s surgery is going well. Brooke talks about the brave and selfless angel giving Katie this precious gift. “Today, this wonderful person has become part of us.” Elsewhere, Shauna paces and asks for an update on her daughter while hoping the Logans will open their hearts to her again.

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