Shauna and Flo in the testing office Bold and Beautiful
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At the hospital, Dr. Davis warns there’s a lot of stress on Katie’s heart. Katie feels weak. Bill warns Davis to ensure her team doesn’t give up. After, Brooke and Donna arrive with Will, who wants to be his mom’s donor. Katie sighs; it’s so thoughtful but he is still growing and needs his kidneys to grow strong.Katie embraces Will in hospital Bold and Beautiful Mother and son embrace as Katie sheds tears. Katie feels so lucky to be his mom, and wishes everything for him in the future. She urges him to be confident and trust in himself and his dreams. She loves him so much and never wants him to forget that.

In their apartment, Shauna recaps how great it would be if Flo was a match for Katie; it might remind Wyatt why he’s loved her most of his life. Flo only cares about saving Katie’s life. The phone rings – it’s Camille, (played by Stephanie Sanchez), from the transplant center looking to meet, though the test results aren’t in. Flo disconnects and marvels that she could give Katie the gift of life.

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In the Forrester Creations’ design office. They discuss Katie and Wyatt reveals Brooke’s not a match. Liam reacts, “Oh man…” Wyatt recaps all Katie’s been through with her heart, and Liam doesn’t think Bill would ever be the same if he lost her. Wyatt feels there must be a donor out there. Talk turns to what Flo did. Wyatt was wrong about her – he’s not sure anything could change his mind about her.

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In the hospital transplant center, Camille meets with Shauna and Flo – she has to be sure Flo would be doing this for the right reasons. Flo relays she’s estranged from the family and doesn’t expect this would make them forgive her, but it might help her forgive herself. Camille is impressed. In Katie’s hospital room, she tells Brooke, alone, that she had a good life. She stresses she’s running out of time. Brooke won’t let her talk this way. Katie says, “You have to,” and asks Brooke to take care of her son if she can’t be here. Brooke holds her. “Of course.” Bill faces off with Dr. Davis Bold and BeautifulIn the hallway, Bill implores Dr. Davis; he has money, she must bend the rules – there has to be somebody out there who can save Katie. In the transplant center, Flo learns she’s a match for Katie and agrees to go ahead…anonymously. Shauna asks Flo is she’s sure. Flo wants to save Katie. Shauna’s surprised she doesn’t want the Logans to know, but feels they can tell them later, and they’ll welcome her back to the family. In Katie’s room, Dr. Davis tells Katie and her loved ones they’ve found a match! The donor wishes to remain anonymous and surgery will be tomorrow. Bill and Katie hug over their miracle. Brooke says this guardian angel will have their undying gratitude forever.

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