Rick tells Brooke he only wants the best for her and says she can’t be happy with Ridge. It has nothing to do with his personal feelings for Ridge, but because he believes Ridge will only hurt her again so he asks her not to marry him. Brooke thinks it shouldn’t be his concern, but Rick recalls witnessing it his whole life. Brooke is sorry for that and Rick realizes Brooke will never see things his way. He can’t believe Ridge can throw him off the roof and pull the plug on Eric, but still remain the ‘golden boy’. Brooke isn’t dismissing how he feels, but thinks he’s blaming the wrong person – it’s not Ridge’s fault, it’s hers. Rick again points out that Ridge pulled the plug on Eric, but Brooke tells him Eric doesn’t know and if he finds out it will break his heart. Rick begs Brooke not to make the same mistakes she made raising him and Bridget with her kids now. He says she has three good reasons to not marry Ridge, because if she does, RJ, Hope and Jack will also feel second best to Ridge.

Taylor comes to see Stephanie and tells her how wonderful things with Ridge went the previous night. She says it was like they picked up where they left off as a family. Stephanie thinks it’s fantastic and Taylor believes Ridge will be seeing things differently now. Stephanie thinks it’s the end of Brooke and Ridge because she caved to Rick and had Ridge move out.

Eric is angry at Ridge for asking for FC back. Ridge thought it was a done deal, but Eric says he changed his mind the day of his heart attack and he doesn’t want to be pressured. Ridge is only concerned for Eric’s health and wants him to still design, but Ridge should be at the helm. Eric points out there are other people who are involved including his siblings, namely Rick who Eric will not overlook. Eric then throws the attempted takeover during his coma in Ridge’s face. They argue over it and Eric says Ridge acts like he’s more entitled to the company than his siblings. Ridge thinks Rick really got to him and says he’s only looking out for FC; it’s what Eric taught him to do. Eric states that one day he will turn the company over to his children and he alone will decide who runs it. Ridge accuses Eric of changing the rules in the middle of the game because as Ridge understood it, he was supposed to run the company.

Alone, Rick gets out of bed and tells himself he hates doing it, but he finally has everyone’s attention. Eric comes to see him and Rick gets back in bed before Eric enters the room. Eric wants to talk business, but Rick reiterates he doesn’t want any part of it if Ridge is in charge. Eric won’t let Rick quit because he loves his job and earned his position. Eric doesn’t believe that Rick doesn’t care anymore and Rick recalls visiting his dad at work as a kid. He remembers how focused Eric was on his work and says that’s where he learned his work ethic and that's why he’s so good at his job. Eric says they are so much alike because they both want to give the world something magnificent that they created. Rick realizes he can’t leave the company because it’s in his blood, but he wants to work closer with Eric and learn from him and asks if they can make that happen. Eric says it will be his privilege. Rick is pleased but doesn't want to hear anymore talk about Eric’s retirement. Rick says if Ridge is still pressuring Eric about it then he will have to answer to him. Eric says if he retired he would still design, but Rick urges his father not to fall for Ridge’s spiel. Rick doesn’t think Ridge respects Eric’s talent and tells his father that if he gives FC to Ridge, the company will wither away and die and so will he. Rick thinks FC is Eric’s blood and soul and he wants to be with him to watch the company grow and expand. Eric is pleased by Rick's enthusiasm, but stops him when Rick blames Ridge for pushing him off the roof. Rick thinks Eric trusts Ridge too much and gives him the benefit of the doubt too often. Eric believes Ridge is looking out for his well being and that he has never done anything overtly cruel or hurtful to him. Rick retorts that Ridge shut off his respirator when he was in a coma. Eric is stunned and doesn’t believe him, but Rick recounts the details and says that Ridge tried to kill him.

Brooke looks at old photos in her room and Ridge comes in. He assures her Rick didn’t see him and notices she is upset. She says she feels like her whole world is falling apart and Ridge says nothing happened with Taylor. She says Taylor is using her kids to get to him, but Ridge already knows that and insists he can handle it. He tells Brooke he only wants her. Brooke worries for their kids and says she let Rick down in the worst way possible. Brooke admits she wasn’t the best mother to Rick, but Ridge tells her that even at her worst, she is twice the mother most women are. Brooke thinks he’s biased and Ridge admits he is. He says he misses her and needs her and they get passionate.

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