Flo finds Brooke and Shauna fighting Bold and Beautiful
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At Steffy’s house, Ridge tells his daughter he doesn’t want her to lose her brother. Steffy hollers that he knows what she’s been through and can’t expect her to forgive Thomas. Ridge preaches finding ways to help each other and suggests Thomas move out of Vinny’s place and move in there with them. Thomas reminds Steffy he could have died when Brooke pushed him over the cliff there. He mentions the kids and Steffy snarks about his sudden concern for them. Ridge reassures Thomas he’s not responsible for his rift with Brooke. Thomas tells Steffy he’s committed to making things good again and goes. Steffy informs Ridge she decides who lives in her house. Ridge knows Thomas did awful things, but he regrets it. Steffy wonders about Ridge and Brooke and asks if he’s involved with another woman. Ridge stammers that it’s not like that. Steffy asks, “Who is it?” Ridge sighs, “Shauna Fulton.”

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In the hospital, Katie worries to Bill, who’s sure Brooke will be a match.Donna, Bill, Dr. Davis, Katie in hospital Bold and Beautiful Donna arrives, and Quinn and Eric also visit. They get up to speed on the lab taking time to ensure Brooke’s kidney is the perfect fit. Talk turns to Will as Quinn and Eric offer to have him to their house. Katie frets again and Donna advises her to hang in there – the Logans are survivors. Eric and Quinn exit as Dr. Davis arrives. She delivers the bad news that Brooke’s not a match, then leaves. Katie begins to panic and asks, “What are we going to tell Will,” as Bill insists they’ll find another way.

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In Shauna’s apartment, she learns Ridge has moved out and taunts Brooke about pushing Ridge where Thomas was concerned. Brooke realizes Shauna sees him as her knight in shining armor, but warns there’s no way a tramp like her could win a man like Ridge. Shauna sneers that Brooke’s insecure and Brooke points out Ridge didn’t let Flo go free to help Shauna and he didn’t intend to spend the night with her.Shauna and Brooke square off Bold and Beautiful She rails that Flo is not a good person – she’s a lying manipulative bitch like her mother! Shauna narrows her eyes and tells Brooke that Ridge asked her to stay with him that night at Bikini Bar. As Brooke smashes something, Flo enters. Brooke rants about the pain they’ve caused her family. Flo is still hoping Brooke and her family might find a way to forgive her. Brooke rails that she helped steal her daughter’s child. Shauna interjects that Flo’s sorry, and she’s Storm’s daughter. Just then Brooke gets a text that she’s not a match for Katie…she was her last chance. Shauna’s sorry. Brooke warns them to stay away from her family and her husband as she leaves. After, Shauna urges Flo to go get tested…maybe she’s the one who could save Katie.

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At Bikini Beach, Thomas happily informs Vinny that Ridge is finally free of Brooke and they toast.

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