Brooke slaps Shauna Bold and Beautiful
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Ridge arrives at Steffy’s house, greets Kelly, and asks to move in. Steffy asks what happened. He claims he wants to help babysit since Taylor’s on a lecture tour, then admits there’s tension at home with Brooke, mostly because of Thomas. Just then, Thomas arrives. Steffy realizes she’s been ambushed as Ridge says he told him to meet them there. Steffy’s not ready to talk to Thomas but Ridge urges them to figure it out. Thomas learns Ridge left Brooke’s house, but he won’t elaborate and pushes Thomas to talk to his sister.Thomas, Ridge appeal to Steffy Bold and Beautiful Thomas tells Steffy he came to tell her about Phoebe being Beth, but he couldn’t be the one to rip her family away from her. Steffy muses everyone involved claims to have had good intentions, but only Thomas had the power to break her heart. Steffy rants about his treatment of Douglas and Thomas is ready to walk out but Ridge intervenes and tries to get them to see each other as he sees them.

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At the hospital, Katie tells Brooke she’s bored, but likes her specialist. Bill explains Dr. Davis is at the top of her field. Katie senses something’s off with Brooke, but Brooke pretends she’s fine. Donna arrives with Will. Brooke leaves. Will recites a poem for his mom who tears up. He admits he sometimes gets scared she won’t come home.Donna, Dr. Davis, Bill, Katie hospital Bold and Beautiful Katie tells him nothing will stop her. Dr. Davis, (played by Tisha Campbell), enters and Will is sent to the gift shop. The doctor explains Katie has to stay and be monitored. Hope and Donna are ruled out as donors, but Brooke is still a possibility. Davis exits. Donna cries and Bill is optimistic Brooke will be the one. Donna exits and Katie assures Bill through tears that she’ll be okay. Donna returns with Will. Katie doesn’t want him or Bill worrying about her; she’ll be home before they know it.

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At their apartment, Shauna updates Flo that Thomas came by to tell her Brooke knows she spent the night with her husband. Flo’s scandalized and they reflect on Brooke’s recent troubles and Ridge’s predicament. Flo goes to the store and advises Shauna to stop answering the door. Shauna wonders aloud how Brooke heard about the night at Bikini Bar. Soon, Brooke arrives. Shauna sighs and lets her in. She asks about Katie and Brooke sneers about them pretending to care before confronting her about spending the night with Ridge. Shauna just made sure he was alright and indicates Brooke should leave. Brooke complains about Shauna not calling her to pick up Ridge. Shauna reminds her she reamed her out. Brooke calls her a slut from the desert. Shauna counters she’s a hypocrite; she slept with all the Forrester men and Hope’s father was her son-in-law. Brooke slaps Shauna and warns her to stay away from Ridge. “He knows you’re trash. Do you understand me?”

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