Ridge gets unleashed upon Bold and Beautiful
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In Brooke’s living room, Ridge admits he spent the night with Shauna Fulton, and tells Brooke, “But not the way you think.” Brooke responds, “If you really do love me, how could you do this?!” Ridge, regretful, tries to explain the events of the night. Brooke recalls fighting with Shauna before she went to Bikini and exclaims, “Apparently I drive people to drink!” Ridge describes being so drunk that Danny and Shauna took him upstairs. Brooke produces his belt. Ridge protests that nothing happened. Brooke knows Shauna was seen there in the morning. Ridge insists it means nothing, but Brooke hollers, “It means something to me!” Brooke yells at Ridge Bold and BeautifulThey rehash Hope losing out on the first year of Beth’s life and Ridge admits he was wrong to push Thomas toward Hope and failed her. Brooke complains Flo is walking around free because of him. She screams at him and wonders when he’ll stand up for her – she told Shauna she would never be forgiven, and he had breakfast with her! Brooke needs Ridge to stand up to Thomas with her and get him help. Ridge argues he’s wounded just like Hope is – he needs her to have faith that he’ll put Thomas back on track.

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Shauna arrives home, where Flo is aghast to hear that her mother tried to visit Katie at the hospital. Shauna relays that she’s on dialysis and shares her run-in with Bill. Talk turns to Ridge. Flo’s convinced he’ll never forgive her, but Shauna protests that he was nice to her the night they were together. Flo, exasperated, reminds her he was passed out. She thinks Shauna’s become unglued since that night. Shauna has been in pieces for a long time, but because of Ridge she’s thinking of herself as a sexy woman again. She gushes that kissing is like inhaling one another’s souls. Flo muses it would have been more like inhaling fumes if Ridge was so drunk. Once alone, Shauna moons over Ridge.

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At Bikini Bar, Thomas tells Vinny they need a better apartment. Vinny suggests he rent his own – he’s fine living by himself. Talk turns to Ridge’s night with Shauna. Thomas confirms that he heard, and Danny told Brooke all about it – her head was about to pop like a balloon. Vinny asks why he’s trying to get his dad in trouble. Vinny talks to Thomas Bold and BeautifulThomas patiently explains how it will affect Brooke and eventually result in Hope having to negotiate with him if she wants to continue her line. He assures Vinny he’s a good friend for passing the secret along. He holds up a photo of a piranha – if you put a blonde wig on it, it’s his father’s wife. Thomas is unconcerned whether anything happened with Ridge and Shauna so long as Brooke believes something happened. He plans to regain his place at Forrester beside his father and intones, “I am the Forrester.”

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