Brooke slaps Thomas Bold and Beautiful
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At Brooke’s place, Thomas pleads with Ridge that he can’t be banished forever. He needs to fix the family and get back to Forrester. Ridge says Brooke won’t let that happen right now. Thomas says keeping the secret from Hope was wrong but Buckingham’s the one whose scheme they were caught up in. Thomas feels Ridge must understand that since he’s the reason Flo’s free. Ridge and Thomas embrace Bold and BeautifulThey embrace. Later, Brooke finds Thomas in the house and orders him out. She threatens to call security. Thomas wants his life back and won’t be treated like a pariah by her and the rest of the Logans any longer. Talk turns to Douglas, and Thomas reminds her he has custody. If Brooke wants Hope to be able to keep seeing him, she should stop treating him like garbage. Brooke is treating him as he deserves – he tortured her daughter! Thomas admits it was wrong, but he didn’t kill anyone. Brooke still isn’t sure he’s not responsible for Emma’s death. She hisses he may not be found guilty in a court of law, but she’s giving him a life sentence. Thomas mentions Douglas again and Brooke accuses him of using his son as leverage. Thomas advises she change her attitude, and do it quick. Brooke says he’s sick and dangerous and there’s no way he’ll hurt her family again. Thomas reminds her he’s a Forrester – his father won’t turn his back on him, so she needs to stop trying to keep him out of his family and their business.

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At Bikini Bar, Vinny complains to Danny about Thomas bouncing off the wall of his apartment and relays Mrs. Forrester won’t let Thomas anywhere near work – she owns his father. Danny replies that Ridge does his own thing; she definitely doesn’t own him – that was clear when he got drunk the other night. Vinny asks what he means, and as he flashes back, Danny describes how Ridge got wasted, Shauna showed up, then they took Ridge upstairs and he left the two of them alone. Vinny learns Shauna spent the night and asks, “Are you telling me Mr. F cheated on his wife?” Danny only knows they both slept in the bed. Vinny texts Thomas to come to Bikini Bar.

At Brooke’s house, Thomas reads the text from Vinny, then tells Brooke she needs to stay out of his way; Forrester is going to be his company and future – she’s messing with the wrong man. He’s sick and tired of the Logan sanctimony and screams that she did this to his mother his entire life and the disrespect ends now! Brooke slaps him across the face and gasps, “How dare you!” Thomas levels that she may have his father tied around her “slutty” little finger, but her reign of terror ends with him!

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At Forrester Creations, Shauna pops in on Ridge – she sweet-talked Charlie into letting her into the building. Ridge says she probably shouldn’t be there, but she can’t stop thinking about that night they had together. She laughs remember the freaked out look on his face when he woke up.Ridge and Shauna Bold and Beautiful Ridge thanks her for making sure he was okay, but reminds her Brooke wouldn’t like it. Shauna won’t say a word to her. Ridge relays he still hasn’t changed his mind about her or Flo – the secret they kept hurt a lot of people. He and Brooke don’t see eye-to-eye; she thinks everyone involved needs to pay. Ridge reminds Shauna what Steffy went through. Shauna regrets Flo’s involvement. Ridge alludes to arguing with Brooke about Thomas. Shauna croons it must be hard on him. She understands his need to protect his son. Ridge feels he’s trying to make his life better and Brooke won’t let him even go back to work. Shauna’s sorry Brooke’s putting him through this, and lets him know she’s there for him.

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