Douglas head hung with Thomas Bold and Beautiful
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At home, Ridge and Brooke discuss Katie needing a donor. Ridge’s sorry Bill and Hope aren’t a match, and promises they’ll figure it out. Talk turns to Thomas. Brooke worries about him showing up there or taking Douglas from school – as long as he’s out there, she doesn’t know when he’ll strike. Upstairs, Thomas surprises Douglas in his bedroom and asks if he tattles on the other kids at school like he did him and questions his loyalty.Douglas head hung with Thomas Bold and Beautiful Douglas says Liam called him a hero. Thomas disagrees – he’s not a hero. “You defied me.” Downstairs, Ridge feels Douglas has nothing to fear from his father. Brooke thinks it’s not enough Thomas is talking to Taylor – he needs to go to jail for what he’s done and stay as far away from Douglas as possible. They debate who should look after the boy. Ridge says she doesn’t get to pick his parent…he has a parent. Ridge doesn’t want to fight. Brooke doesn’t want Ridge to go get drunk again. Upstairs, Douglas reminds Thomas they used to be best friends. Thomas tells the boy he betrayed him, and now he can’t go to work or come home. Douglas snaps that Hope can be his mommy, but Thomas says he ruined that when he said, “Phoebe is Beth.”Brooke and Ridge discussion Bold and Beautiful Thomas is grilling the kid about Hope and Liam when Ridge appears. Thomas lies he was telling Douglas how much he misses him. He’s not mad at him, he was just really hurt. Ridge eyeballs Thomas as he remarks on the tension between him and Brooke. Downstairs, Thomas shows Ridge designs and argues against being exiled. Ridge defends Brooke’s position and Thomas turns apologetic. Ridge believes he’s remorseful. Thomas turns angry about Brooke not wanting him to see Douglas. He’s trying to be a better man, but feels he’s being kicked out of his own family by Brooke and the Logans, and wants to know he can count on Ridge.

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At Flo’s place, she and Shauna discuss Katie’s health crisis. Flo scoffs at the idea that her family would update her. If she hadn’t been there when Wyatt called Sally, she wouldn’t even know what was happening. Talk turns to Wyatt proposing. Flo wishes she could have another chance with him, and the Logans, but it’s becoming clear that’s not going to happen. Shauna’s preoccupied on her phone and reveals she’s scrolling through photos of sexy Ridge Forrester.Flo fed up with Shauna Bold and Beautiful Flo accuses her of stalking him – she knows how her mother gets. Shauna clucks she’s just having fun and argues she was there for Ridge, just as he was there for Flo. She gushes about the connection she felt while laying next to him. Shauna thinks Ridge could be her Prince Charming. As she goes on about their chemistry, Flo agonizes, “Mom, please!” She rolls her eyes and shakes her head as Shauna insists Ridge felt something too, then reminds her he’s not available.

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