After Donna and Stephanie ask who he wants to be with, Eric tells them that he’s in a tough spot right now and he’s got a lot on his mind with Rick. Donna is upset about her nephew, but Stephanie retorts that she had more of a hand in raising Rick since he was her stepson and Donna largely ignored him while he was growing up. Both women plead their cases to Eric, but he says he doesn’t need them to do that, he loves them both. Steph notes that he doesn’t want to decide and Eric confirms this. Donna asks what are they supposed to do? Eric doesn’t want either woman to leave the house because he needs both of them right now. Stephanie and Donna are a little confused and then fight over where each woman will sleep. Stephanie suggests Donna stay in the guesthouse, but Eric says they will all live in the main house together.

Brooke asks Ridge not to spend the night again at Taylor’s, but Ridge assures her nothing happened. He explains that Thomas was home and he wanted to spend some time with his family. Taylor pipes in and says Ridge isn’t exactly feeling welcome at Brooke’s home. Ridge tells Brooke that Rick is manipulating her and milking it for all it’s worth. Taylor reads a magazine while Ridge and Brooke continue to debate the Rick issue. Ridge thinks Rick won’t stop until he ruins their relationship. Brooke insists they are committed to each other and she wanted to prove it to him earlier, but Taylor interrupted. Brooke says she has to go see Rick and invites Ridge to come over later, but to come up the back way so Rick won’t know. She makes snide remarks to Taylor and leaves.

Taylor wonders to Ridge where Brooke gets off throwing Ridge out of the house and then dictating where he stays. Ridge understands Brooke’s point, but Taylor says it was very natural to have him there at their home spending time with their kids. She thinks they could have that again and that she could spend the rest of her life like that.

Brooke comes to Rick’s room while he reads the papers Eric left behind. Rick notices Brooke is distracted and asks what’s wrong. She tells him Ridge spent the night at Taylor’s and Rick is outraged. Brooke excuses Ridge’s actions, but Rick says Ridge is exactly where he wants to be - with both Brooke and Taylor on a string. Rick says his mother doesn’t have to deal with this anymore and that she deserves a man who only wants her and isn’t preoccupied with his precious ‘Doc’. Brooke says she’s always loved Ridge, but Rick says it’s more like an obsession. Rick thinks Ridge ruined Brooke and Eric’s relationship, but Brooke explains that she and Eric didn’t have a grand love affair and it was always Ridge for her. Rick still thinks Ridge will hurt Brooke by choosing Taylor, but then she’ll have her chance with him in a couple of years. Rick can’t believe no one stands up to Ridge and he’s sick and tired of it, so he will finally be the one to put a stop to Ridge Forrester. Brooke asks Rick if he would like to see a professional to talk to about this, but Rick just needs Ridge out of their lives. Brooke suggests he talk to Eric, but Rick says Eric has always been more loyal to Ridge because he can draw great designs. Brooke says Ridge is first born, but Rick corrects her. Brooke thinks Ridge is the first son for all intents and purposes, but Rick just thinks Eric will always choose Ridge over him no matter what he does, just like Brooke. Brooke feels responsible for the way Rick feels. She wishes she made more of an effort with him when he was growing up and Rick says this is her chance to put him first. The thought of her marrying Ridge makes him sick because of all the pain he’s caused her over the years. Rick thinks Brooke’s destiny is out there somewhere else, because it’s not with Ridge. She deserves more and he asks her to put an end to the relationship for him and most importantly for herself.

Donna comes to Eric’s room and thinks she sees Eric in bed. As she undresses and talks baby talk to him, she crawls in bed and sees it’s Stephanie instead of her Honey Bear. Stephanie wonders if Donna always wears such skimpy outfits under her regular clothes and says she knew Donna would try something. They verbally battle again and basically declare war on each other.

Eric comes to Ridge’s office and says they have to pick up the slack while Rick is out. Ridge wonders if Eric is up to being back to work himself and Eric says he is. Ridge thinks he needs to take it easy and suggests he work from home. Eric thinks it’ll be more relaxing at work since he, Stephanie and Donna are all living together. Ridge is stunned, but Eric says he’s got a lot of other things on his mind and both women are willing to wait for Eric to make a decision. Ridge thinks Donna is playing him, but Eric says he can make his own decisions and if he chooses Donna, he’ll have to suck it up and accept it. Ridge says fine, but he doesn’t know how Eric can handle work and his recovery. Eric says it’s his job. Ridge reminds his father about their discussion about him taking over the company before Eric had the heart attack. Ridge says he’s earned the responsibility and asks his father to put him in control of Forrester Creations.

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