Brooke, Ridge, Donna get update from Bill Bold and Beautiful
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In the hospital, Bill urges an unconscious Katie to fight this – together they’re unstoppable and they’ll get her better. He’ll take her home and give her all the love she can stand. Outside the room, Brooke and Ridge arrive and Dr. Armstrong informs them he’s waiting on Katie’s test results. Brooke hopes it’s not her heart. Bill joins them and explains Katie collapsed and had been feeling tired and had back pain. Soon, an upset Donna arrives. Dr. Armstrong reappears and announces Katie’s tests show she’s in kidney failure. Dr. Armstrong updates Ridge and Brooke Bold and BeautifulHe’ll make determinations about a transplant once they get more information. They learn it could be life-threatening and file in to see Katie. Bill talks about making their reunion official, and Brooke assures she’ll be there with him raising Will. Donna sobs and Ridge promises, “We won’t lose her.” Brooke tells Katie she’s literally the beating heart of the family and will have to muster her strength to fight like hell. “Wake up, Katie. Come back to us, please.”

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At Forrester Creations, Eric and Quinn discuss the deception surrounding Beth. Quinn and Eric disagree Bold and BeautifulQuinn says Flo and Shauna deeply regret their part in it. Eric becomes stern noting all the people they hurt, including her son. Quinn shrugs that people disappoint you; you have to buck up and carry on. She reveals she hasn’t given up on Wyatt and Flo yet. Eric thinks her support of Flo may be worrisome. Quinn feels she made a horrible mistake but now she has the chance to show everyone she’s the honorable young woman she’s always known her to be. She also believes Wyatt still loves her. Eric is still stuck on Flo’s deception, but Quinn decides she needs to pay Wyatt a visit and ensure he doesn’t commit to Sally.

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At the beach house, Wyatt and Sally canoodle.Wyatt and Sally kiss engaged Bold and Beautiful She assures him no ring could make her happier than she is at that very moment. Sally gets paged to a work meeting. Wyatt reminds her they have all the time in the world…but she could be late. Talk turns to Quinn. Wyatt assures Sally she doesn’t need to worry about her. Later, Quinn visits Wyatt and he’s suspiciously happy. She talks about him forgiving Flo. Wyatt reveals he proposed. Quinn’s thrilled, assuming he’s engaged to Flo. She goes on about it rapturously until Wyatt stops her – he proposed to Sally.

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Sally runs into Flo Bold and BeautifulAt Bikini Bar, Danny tells Flo he’s glad she’s back. Sally arrives and learns the woman she was meeting left early. Sally spots Flo and muses she’s been where she is – on the brink of having all you want then having the rug pulled out from under you. Flo tells her she saw Wyatt earlier, though he didn’t invite her. Sally saw him too – and he got down on one knee and proposed. “Wyatt and I are engaged.”

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