Katie collapses Bold and Beautiful
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At Forrester Creations, Brooke enters as Ridge fits a gown on a model named Antonia, (played by Kyra Green). After, Ridge glosses over Brooke’s mention of Thomas and wants to spend time together. Brooke’s glad they’ve made up, but hasn’t changed her mind about one thing – Thomas is a troubled man. She won’t be able to forgive anyone who stayed silent about Beth. She adds Shauna persuaded Flo to keep quiet and is as guilty as anyone- she doesn’t want him anywhere near that horrible woman. Ridge agrees not to have anything to do with her, then flashes to Shauna promising to keep their secret.

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Shauna senses insecurity Bold and BeautifulAt home, Flo updates Shauna that she saw Wyatt, who already had plans…with Sally. Shauna hears about the photo gallery she showed Wyatt and is certain he loved it. She feels the thing with Sally won’t go anywhere. Flo responds, “Not quickly anyway.” Flo knows they aren’t back together in every way. Shauna thinks that’s good news; it signals insecurity. She urges Flo to fight for him.

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In the beach house, Wyatt looks at a photo of him and Flo on his phone as Sally enters. He wants the redhead to feel at home in any room in the house. Sally updates him that Quinn’s not happy about him seeing her again. Wyatt states it’s not up to her, and tells Sally how much he wants her. Sally wants him, and missed feeling this way. She thinks they can be good together again. Sally during proposal Bold and BeautifulThey kiss passionately but Sally puts the brakes on. She’s just being cautious and isn’t ready to take off her armor yet. Wyatt jokes about her putting such an image in her head, but wants her to be as certain as he is. What can he do to reassure her? Sally worries she’s unlucky in love and reminds him Quinn and Bill aren’t fans of her. She can’t handle another heartbreak and wants commitment. Wyatt feels she deserves that. He goes on about her amazing qualities and drops to one knee. “Marry me, Sally.”

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In Katie’s bedroom, she researches her symptoms – back pain and fatigue. Bill and Will return from the park to check on her. Katie learns Will has arranged a playdate and he runs off to get ready for pick up. Bill and Katie discuss Flo being a liar. Katie says it hurts; she has her brother’s heart and can feel how devastated Storm would have been about what she’s done. Talk turns to her transplant. Bill thinks about it sometimes, watching her and Will together. He’s grateful. Katie is too and now her scar represents everything that’s so precious to her. Bill questions if everything’s okay with her and wants to take her to see the doctor, just to be safe. Katie says she’s fine but Bill thinks they’d be doing other things if she were. They get off the bed and Katie collapses to the floor. Bill feels for a pulse and frantically calls for help.

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