Shauna spent night with Ridge Bold and Beautiful
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At home, Brooke answers the door to Eric, who has some paperwork, and asks if he’s seen Ridge. She explains he didn’t come home last night, and she doesn’t know where he is. Eric learns he was angry at her; they had a terrible fight about Thomas. Eric assures her she’d have heard if he was on the side of the road somewhere. Brooke worries it’s their first fight like this. Eric jokingly hopes there’s no dalliance with a female. Brooke feels that’s not a possibility, it never entered her mind. They discuss Thomas blaming his father for his issues. Eric points out he had more years with Ridge than his sisters, and Steffy’s a force. He wonders if Ridge went to his guesthouse and will make some calls. After, Eric hasn’t been able to locate Ridge. Brooke mentions Thomas being released from the hospital – does he thinks she’s wrong not wanting him back there? Eric and Brooke discuss Thomas Bold and BeautifulEric says, “Maybe.” What happened made his blood run cold, but he feels some of the decisions were Hope’s as well. Brooke argues she was grieving, and Thomas was going to let her go to her grave not knowing her daughter was alive. Eric concedes that outweighs everything else but feels she can’t expect Ridge to give up on his son. Brooke just doesn’t want him living there. Eric thinks she has to trust Ridge to control and rehabilitate him and explains the father/son dynamic. Brooke doesn’t want Douglas poisoned by the man Thomas has become. Eric promises Ridge is alright and feels it’s best he left before making an ugly accusation.

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Ridge awakens in the room over Bikini Bar and looks around. Shauna enters with medicine for his hangover and says, “Down the hatch.” Ridge looks confused, but does it. Shauna fills him in on having too much Irish whiskey. Ridge asks where he is. Shauna says he’s upstairs from the bar. Ridge calls Danny a good guy. As Shauna brings him breakfast, he checks under the covers to see what he’s wearing. Ridge spent night with Shauna Bold and BeautifulShe informs him he’ll always be her hero and there’s nothing he can do about it. Ridge asks for his pants and says he doesn’t recall taking them off. Shauna admits she took them off – it was a challenge. Shauna recaps how Brooke inspired both of them to hit the bar. When he asks, she admits she stayed the night there because he asked her not to leave. Ridge dresses and Shauna tells him she slept in the bed with him. “Nothing happened, Ridge.” He’s relieved. Shauna assures him if it had, he’d remember. She just wanted to make sure he was okay. Ridge thanks her and plugs in his dead phone. They agree Brooke shouldn’t know they spent the night together.

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