Danny, drunk Ridge, and Shauna Bold and Beautiful
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Katie arrives at Brooke’s place, where her sister relays she and Ridge fought, and he walked out. She fills Katie in on Ridge helping Flo get out of jail and expecting Thomas to come back there to live. She loves Ridge and is concerned about him, but doesn’t know where he is.Brooke and Katie have a discussion Bold and Beautiful They rehash Thomas keeping Beth from Hope. Brooke feels he’s in self-preservation mode. Katie thinks it’s working on Ridge. Brooke explains it’s dangerous for Thomas to be around Douglas, but Ridge can’t be objective. She also doesn’t want Flo or Shauna anywhere near her – all they could think about was themselves. Katie tells Brooke she’s right to stand up for Hope, Beth and Douglas.

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At Bikini Bar, Ridge slurs at Shauna, who guesses he walked out because Brooke was upset with him about Flo’s release. She’s grateful. Ridge says it’s none of her business and he hasn’t forgiven Flo.Ridge and Shauna at Bikini Bar Bold and Beautiful Shauna describes her visit to Brooke’s – they’re both in the doghouse. She muses, “At least the company’s good.” Ridge acknowledges he’s drunk and ruminates that Brooke’s worried about her daughter while he’s worried about his son. Shauna complains about Brooke saying she and Flo will never be part of the family again. Ridge defends his wife. He wants to go home but passes out. Danny suggests Shauna drive him home, but she laughs it won’t go over well. They help him to the room upstairs. Danny exits and Shauna unbuttons Ridge’s shirt and takes off his pants. He rouses then has to lie down. Shauna stays when he asks. She tells him he’s an amazing man and snuggles him.

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At Spencer Publications, Wyatt understands Flo feels bad, but all lives involved are forever changed. Flo believes in miracles and says, “Who knows, maybe there’s another miracle in store for us?” She recalls when they lived together and how she loves his mom, who will never see her the same way again. Wyatt notes his mother’s no saint, but she’s a different person than she was before. Wyatt gets paged to a meeting. Sally squares off with Flo Bold and BeautifulFlo is glad she came – however long it takes she’s determined to make it up to him. She betrayed his trust but will never stop believing in miracles. Wyatt exits and Flo looks up to see Sally, who asks how she managed to get a ‘get out of jail free’ card. Flo explains she was released on an immunity deal. Sally doesn’t want to know how she pulled it off and goes off about her keeping the horrible secret and letting people suffer. Flo got caught up in something and feels awful. Sally sneers, “Boo hoo.” Flo learns she heard her speech about miracles. Sally lays into her about what she did to Hope and informs her she already got her miracle by walking free – she shouldn’t push it.

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