It’s a new day and Taylor makes Ridge’s favorite breakfast for him. She also gives him the newspaper opened to the fashion section, along with black coffee. Ridge is appreciative and Taylor says she’s glad he stayed in the guest room instead of at a hotel. Apparently Taylor and Thomas won the tennis match yesterday and Taylor remarks that it seems like nothing has changed. Ridge concurs that it was fun hanging out with her and the kids. Taylor has to leave and says she’ll see him later tonight, but Ridge isn’t sure he’ll be there. Taylor says he has nowhere else to go, so he should stay with her, but Ridge doesn’t want to send her mixed signals. Taylor knows this and realizes he and Brooke will get married as soon as Rick gets better, but she insists she can handle it and thinks it is an opportunity for Ridge to spend more time with his family.

Donna comes to the house with a suitcase and calls for her Honey Bear saying she’s home. Stephanie comes out and Donna asks, “You’re still here?” Stephanie tells Donna Eric is visiting Rick and Donna asks if Pam was put in a facility in Chicago. Stephanie confirms and thanks Donna again for not testifying against Pam. Donna still isn’t sure it was the right thing to do and asks Stephanie to make sure Pam is locked up tight. Donna wants to get to unpacking and assumes Stephanie will be going back to the beach house, but Stephanie tells her she’s not going anywhere.

Eric visits Rick at Brooke’s house and talks business. Rick isn’t very receptive, but Eric tells him that they have every reason to believe he will be back at the company in no time. Rick isn’t so sure he wants to go back though. Eric insists Rick will head up the International division again, but Rick doesn’t want to be under Ridge’s thumb. Eric points out that he and Ridge will be in two different departments, but Rick isn’t having it. Eric understands Rick is angry at Ridge, but thinks what happened was an accident. Rick retorts that it’s not about his legs; it’s about Ridge and how he lords over everyone at the company and how he treats Brooke. Eric defends Ridge and the more he does, the angrier Rick gets. Rick finally tells Eric how Ridge was going to divide up the company unfairly between the children while Eric was in a coma. Eric assures Rick he is just as important as his other kids, but Rick says Ridge doesn’t see it that way. Eric says he will talk to Ridge, but Rick can’t handle anymore of Ridge’s power trips. Eric insists he needs Rick at the company and Rick agrees to return only if he is on equal footing with Ridge.

Taylor goes to Ridge’s office and Brooke is hiding behind a screen. She thinks Taylor is Ridge and starts to perform a seductive striptease much to Taylor’s amusement. Brooke turns and screams out when she realizes Taylor is watching and laughing.

After Brooke gets dressed, the women bicker about Ridge and Rick. Taylor offers her assistance in helping Rick come to terms with his situation. As the women continue to argue, Ridge comes in and wonders if he is interrupting or if he’s just in time. After she takes jabs at Brooke regarding the striptease, Taylor gives Ridge Steffy’s phone that she left at the house, saying that’s why she came to the office. Taylor gets ready to leave and Ridge thanks her for the omelet again. Brooke asks, “What omelet?” and Ridge explains that he stayed at Taylor’s last night. Brooke is upset, but Ridge calmly tells her that they played tennis and watched a movie, so he decided to crash there. Brooke wonders why he didn’t stay at a hotel and Ridge says he wanted to spend time with his family. Brooke is aghast that Ridge would stay with a woman who has vowed to get him back and asks Ridge to not stay at Taylor’s house again.

Stephanie and Donna argue over who will be staying in the house with Eric and Eric walks in and overhears. The women explain what’s going on and ask if he wants Donna to move back in. Donna reminds Stephanie that she and Eric are still married, but Stephanie thought the divorce proceedings had started. They continue to argue and Stephanie tells Eric he has two women who want to be a part of his life, so what’s it going to be? Eric knows exactly what he has to do and Donna asks who does he want to spend the rest of his life with? Her or Stephanie?

Rick sits alone in his room and after making sure no one is coming through the door, tests out his legs. He stands up and takes a few steps over to the papers Eric left behind. He sees a photo of him, Eric and Ridge and rips Ridge’s image out of the photo. He says, “It’s over Ridge. You’re finished controlling this family.”

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