Brooke and Ridge clash Bold and Beautiful
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At Brooke’s house, Ridge tells her Thomas is being released today. He relays that Detective Sanchez spoke to him today…about Flo. Brooke’s floored to hear Flo was released and is a free woman and that Ridge could have said no to it, and didn’t. Ridge explains it’s not okay with him, but it was the only way to protect Thomas. Brooke seethes that Thomas needs to pay for what he did to her daughter and granddaughter! Ridge gives Brooke news Bold and BeautifulShe feels everyone involved has to pay – that should be their main priority. Ridge argues his top priority is his son who needs to be reunited with Douglas. Brooke fumes – if he thinks she’s going to let Thomas waltz back into this house like nothing happened…there’s no way! Ridge asks if she wants to send Thomas to prison and yells there are consequences for him – he has to restart his whole life. Brooke reveals she believes Thomas needs to be away from Douglas – she doesn’t want him here. Ridge pleads that he made a mistake; she needs to be rational. As the argument escalates, Ridge informs her that what happens to Douglas isn’t up to her. Brooke informs Ridge his son is not allowed on the premises and vows she can, and will, keep Douglas from Thomas.

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At Flo’s place, she tells Shauna the apartment brings up bad memories. Shauna encourages her to make the most of her fresh start. Flo’s excited to sleep in her own bed and have a good meal. They discuss the immunity deal and Flo taking a plea. Shauna’s grateful to Ridge. Flo reminds her he did it because of Thomas. Shauna likes to think her begging for mercy helped. She’s so appreciative but knows there’s one person who won’t be – his wife. Shauna says Brooke will be shocked she’s out of jail. She talks about Flo working her way to forgiveness and urges her not to give up on Wyatt – she should go see him.

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At Spencer Publications, Sally arrives to see Wyatt. He teases if she has an appointment. They canoodle. She digs his business look and is turned on by his corporate lingo. Wyatt and Sally canoodle Bold and BeautifulWyatt suggests locking the door and kicking things up a notch. Sally wants to keep it PG-13. Wyatt realizes she’s not ready. Sally has to make sure this is for real. Wyatt protests that they were seriously involved. Sally still hasn’t recovered from the last time he dumped her; they need to earn each other’s trust again. Wyatt concedes he’s not the best at handling difficult situations. Sally urges him to be patient, then leaves. Later, Wyatt’s stunned when Flo arrives and explains she’s free. She tells Wyatt she’s so sorry and feels so awful for hurting so many, but there’s no one she cares about more than him.

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