Flo gets news from Detective Sanchez Bold and Beautiful
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At the jail, Shauna presses Ridge on the subject of a possible immunity deal for Flo. Ridge denies he’d do anything to help get her out of there given the pain she’s caused Steffy. Shauna acknowledges he has every right to be furious with her daughter, but she is full of regret. She begs him to find it in his heart to forgive Flo and let her go. They debate whether Flo was used. Ridge argues she signed papers; it was a conscious act. Shauna reminds him Thomas knew too and threatened people to keep quiet. Detective Sanchez appears and wants Ridge’s decision. Ridge agrees. Shauna, weak with relief, doesn’t know how she’ll begin to repay Ridge. He’s not doing it for her, he’s doing it for his son. Shauna is still grateful – she feels the same way about Flo as he does about Thomas.

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In the visitor’s area, Steffy’s not interested in Flo’s apology and levels, “How could you, Flo? How dare you!”Flo faces Steffy Bold and Beautiful Flo doesn’t expect forgiveness – she can’t forgive herself – Steffy has every right to hate her. She insists she felt awful for everyone. Steffy relays how much pain Hope and Liam were in, then adds Phoebe was a part of her family. Flo breaks down imaging the hole in her heart. Steffy doesn’t care if she’s sorry; she’s standing in the ruins of her happy family because Flo was too selfish to tell the truth. Steffy informs Flo she stole Beth from Hope and Liam and stole Phoebe from her and Liam. “You’re disgusting!” She tells Flo to live with her worthless self behind bars and think about the damage she’s caused – Steffy hopes she rots in prison…it’s what she deserves.

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Flo at the jail Bold and BeautifulIn the jail, Detective Sanchez brings Flo into the room with Ridge and Shauna. She assumes Shauna’s being harassed and won’t have it. Shauna interrupts to tell her she’s coming home. Sanchez says Ridge did her a solid by not opposing the immunity deal. Ridge clarifies he didn’t do it for her. Flo will do whatever it takes to make up for the pain she’s caused; one day she’ll earn Ridge’s respect back. Shauna will find a way to repay him.

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At Brooke’s house, Douglas asks the Logan sisters when his daddy is coming back. Brooke carefully says he’s taking a time out, then takes him to the cabin to see Beth. Donna and Katie stay behind and discuss the miracle of Beth being alive despite the secret-keeping and lies. Katie’s pleased Flo’s learning about justice. Brooke returns and tells her sisters Hope spends a lot of time with Douglas. Brooke feels Thomas needs to be behind bars for years. Katie cautions her to think about her marriage – this is a recipe for disaster. Talk turns to what Douglas needs to thrive. Brooke won’t allow Thomas to damage his life anymore than he already has. They discuss the despicable behavior of Flo and Shauna. Brooke declares they’re both horrible and both will have to pay.

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