Steffy won't forgive Thomas Bold and Beautiful
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In the hospital, Thomas tearfully thanks Ridge for not giving up on him. Ridge reiterates he’s angry and disappointed but will be there for him. Ridge takes a call from Detective Sanchez, who wants to see him at the county jail. Ridge assures Thomas everything will be okay – he’ll have to make amends, but he won’t do it from jail. Ridge leaves and Thomas is startled to see Steffy appear. She tells him to keep his mouth shut and listen. Thomas doesn’t. He thanks her for coming. Steffy was horrified when she heard he fell but she couldn’t come until she knew he was okay – and strong enough to hear every scathing word she has to say. Thomas protests he was in love and was trying to fix their families. Steffy hisses that staying quiet was sick. Thomas wanted her to be happy; he couldn’t take that away from her. “Say you’ll forgive me,” he implores. Steffy punches his arm and yells, “What is wrong with you?!” Thomas listens to Steffy Bold and BeautifulHe had the power to take away Hope’s pain – he couldn’t care about her and not give her daughter back. She adds he manipulated his son and used his grief to dangle him like bait. Thomas didn’t see it that way. Steffy cries about the cruelty of letting her continue to raise the baby and bond with her. She sobs that the girls are confused because of his selfishness – she will never forgive what he did to her daughters. “I’ll never forgive you.” She talks about the pain of seeing Kelly look for her sister and wondering why her daddy isn’t there anymore. Thomas was trying to protect her from this pain. Steffy says, “You betrayed me.” His lie was more disgusting since he understood what she was trying to give Kelly. Steffy intones he crossed a line he cannot come back from – they’ll all move on without him.

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At the jail, Shauna tells Flo she doesn’t have the resources to get her out. Flo thinks she’s getting what she deserves. She also hopes Thomas goes to prison upon leaving the hospital. Shauna hopes they’ll do something about him threatening Flo. Elsewhere, Ridge informs Sanchez that Thomas made mistakes but didn’t break the law. Sanchez has decided to close the Emma Barber case as there wasn’t enough evidence of foul play. Shauna talks with Flo at jail Bold and BeautifulRidge is pleased but stunned to hear all charges against Flo may be dropped as they may offer her an immunity deal to nail Buckingham. Ridge is outraged and bellows, “The answer’s no.” Sanchez warns if Flo goes to trial, she’ll tell the court what Thomas did and drum up more interest in Emma Barber’s death. Ridge realizes this could be good for Thomas. Sanchez advises him to discuss it with Brooke and Hope. In the visiting area, Flo tells her mother she’ll feel guilty for the rest of her life. Shauna worries she should be doing more but Flo doesn’t want her going into debt – she expects to be there for years. Shauna won’t give up. She exits in time to hear Sanchez tell Ridge that Flo’s fate rests in his hands. Shauna appeals to Ridge to set her daughter free.

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