Ridge hugs Thomas Bold and Beautiful
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At Brooke’s place, she’s surprised to see Bill at the door. He asks if they’re alone and Brooke wonders what he has in mind that he doesn’t want witnesses. Bill wants justice. Brooke’s not optimistic but agrees that Thomas needs to be punished, shunned and evicted from her house. Bill and Brooke discuss Thomas Bold and BeautifulBill knows a way and asks, “Can you let me in your garage?” He wants to look at Thomas’ car. Brooke already looked at it – there wasn’t a scratch on it. Bill asks if the key’s there or if Ridge has it. After looking, Bill mulls about using the GPS system to prove Thomas was on Mulholland. Brooke can’t align herself with Bill, who sneers – does she really think Ridge will hold Thomas accountable?

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In the hospital, Ridge demands the truth from Thomas, who admits he chased Emma that night, but exclaims that he didn’t kill her. Thomas insists he didn’t bump her car off the road, but he stopped. Ridge bellows, “What did you do?” Then realizes, “You did nothing.” Thomas didn’t go to Emma; he knew it was too late. Ridge marvels, “You just left her there!” He asks, “Who are you?” Thomas repeats he didn’t kill her. Ridge sees a despicable human being. He’s ashamed. Thomas sobs. He wonders if Ridge will put him in jail.Ridge yells at Thomas Bold and Beautiful He mentions Douglas and Ridge seethes; the only time he thinks of him is when he needs him to do something for him. Thomas complains about Xander, Zoe and all of them. Ridge yells that Thomas could have ended the nightmare but did nothing. Thomas explains when he wants something, he wants it too much. Ridge notes he’s never wanted for anything. Thomas tearfully says he wanted to be happy. Ridge wonders if he finds joy hurting other people, then asks about Thomas’ car. Thomas deleted the tracking history. Ridge won’t turn his back on him. Thomas cries he’s been in a fog since Caroline died and worries he’s not good enough for Douglas. He breaks down as Ridge holds him and reassures him it will be okay.

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In the cabin, Hope tells Liam she’s happy. Liam prepares to take Beth for a nap but pauses to tell Hope he loves her mom. Hope laughs, “Said every man ever.” Liam and Hope kiss Bold and BeautifulLiam relays they had a good chat. After Liam puts the baby down, he finds Hope in lingerie with candles lit. She says, “I missed you.” They kiss. Hope asks if this is okay and acknowledges she hurt him. Liam never blamed her. He says she’s the most beautiful creature he’s ever seen. “I love you.” Hope replies, “I love you too.” They undress and make love. After, talk turns to Steffy. Liam says they have to be good to her and ensure she knows there’s nothing we blame her for. Hope wonders if Steffy will be able to let him go. Liam feels she knew where his heart was.

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