Bill warns Thomas and Ridge of consequences Bold and Beautiful
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At Forrester Creations, Brooke tells Bill she doesn’t think Ridge will ever be able to forgive her. Bill thinks it’s unbelievable that Ridge blames her – he doesn’t know her at all, or he doesn’t know Thomas. He fumes that Thomas is likely playing up the helpless sympathy card. Brooke doesn’t feel sorry for him, not after what he did to their children. She complains about Thomas’ speech to Hope in the hospital.Brooke vents to Bill Bold and Beautiful Bill declares there’s something seriously wrong with him – he’s a sociopath. He decides he’ll be the one to do something about him. Later, Katie and Brooke discuss the situation with Thomas. Brooke confides she and Ridge have never been this far apart. She still can’t believe what Thomas did to Hope and can’t forgive that, even for Ridge. Brooke feels Thomas is still trying to manipulate them, and he needs to learn a lesson.

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Flo rails at Ridge Bold and BeautifulAt the jail, Flo doesn’t want Ridge’s pity, but he should know she wasn’t aware of what Reese had done. Ridge interrupts that she knew Beth wasn’t her baby yet signed adoption papers. Flo counters in the end it was his son that kept her quiet – he didn’t want Hope to have the baby back. She explains he threatened anyone who wanted to tell her the truth, then adds many believe Thomas was responsible for Emma’s death. Ridge hollers that all she does is lie. Flo tells him Thomas may have done more than lie to keep Emma quiet. She believes he has some very serious issues and is guilty of a very serious crime. Flo then calls, “Guard I’m ready.”

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In the hospital, Dr. Armstrong tells Thomas this could have been an extremely tragic accident. Thomas flashes to the cliff scene. Later, Bill shows up to confront Thomas. He notes everyone has advised him to keep his temper in check, but he’ll be damned if he will let this go. Bill tells Thomas his ‘mistake’ will have consequences…he knows it’s not a concept he’s familiar with, and Bill can’t wait to teach him how it works.Thomas listens to Bill Bold and Beautiful Thomas asks if he’s threatening him. Bill laughs that he’d know if he was. Thomas didn’t steal the baby. Bill says he did everything he could to ensure Hope didn’t get her back. It’s a whole other level of sick. Thomas apologized to Hope. Bill says, “I know what you did you twisted freak,” and informs him only Ridge fell for it. Bill warns he’ll make sure Thomas pays for what he’s done. Ridge enters. “Spencer! There’s no reason for you to be here.” Bill accuses Ridge of coddling Thomas and warns if he’s responsible for Emma’s death he’ll rot. Ridge orders him out and the doctor intervenes. Bill warns Thomas daddy can’t save him from this or from him. “Justice will be done.” In the hall, Ridge concedes to Bill he’s worried about his son. Bill doesn’t buy he’s trying to make amends and reiterates if Thomas is linked to Emma’s death, he’s going away.

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