Flo visits with Shauna Bold and Beautiful
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At Spencer Publications, Bill complains to Katie about the ‘losers’ who wreaked havoc on Liam’s life. Katie hopes Dr. Buckingham and Flo both rot in prison. Bill adds Thomas perpetuated the lie in the most heinous way possible – it’s unforgiveable and he intends to ensure he pays. He fumes that if Thomas thinks falling off a cliff is the worst thing that’s going to happen… Katie asks where he’s going as Bill storms out the door.

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At Forrester Creations, Ridge gets word that Thomas is improving and updates Brooke. She didn’t want harm to come to Thomas, she just wanted him away from her daughter. Ridge muses, “Well, you got that didn’t you?” They debate whether it was an accident again. Ridge points out Thomas didn’t steal Beth, but Brooke counters that she expected better from family and he let Hope believe her baby was dead so he could trick her into marriage. Ridge reminds Brooke he didn’t turn her in, then takes off to confront Flo. Brooke argues with Ridge Bold and BeautifulPam appears and tells Brooke she’s glad he’s visiting Flo. She asks about the tension between them, but Brooke doesn’t want to discuss it. Bill arrives, so Pam exits. Bill and Brooke go over the baby secret and Bill announces he came to tell Ridge the perpetrators must pay. Brooke has gone to see Flo and wants justice. Bill says that has to include Thomas. Brooke tells him what happened at the cliff house. Bill isn’t surprised Ridge doesn’t believe her version; he’d have to acknowledge his failures as a father. Brooke isn’t sure they can get past this.

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At the jail, Shauna updates Flo that Quinn isn’t willing to help her get out of there. Flo doesn’t blame her and recaps all she lost because she was a coward. Shauna complains Flo was manipulated by Reese, then Thomas. Flo’s stunned to hear he fell off a cliff and was with Hope and Brooke at the time. Shauna thinks he’ll be okay, but he needs to pay. Later, Ridge arrives and confronts Flo about lying to them from day one. Ridge wants Flo to suffer Bold and BeautifulHe thinks she could have reasoned with Thomas. Flo argues she tried to, but he threatened her every time. When Flo says she’s glad Thomas survived, Ridge questions her sincerity. He doesn’t understand her lying to people who cared about her. Flo convinced herself things would be best left as they were. Ridge describes Steffy’s pain as she handed over the baby, and her collapsing as if someone had pulled the spine right out of her. He wants her to know the pain and suffering she caused, including to his son. Flo has nothing to say that will matter. Ridge takes comfort knowing she’ll be there for a long time. He wants Flo to suffer and will make sure she keeps suffering until the last broken heart is mended.

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