Thomas looks at Hope on Bold and Beautiful
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At the hospital, Detective Sanchez asks Thomas, “Was it an accident, or did someone push you?” Ridge suggests they do this later, but Sanchez presses Thomas to remember. Thomas recalls being at the edge of the cliff and says, “I fell.” Sanchez asks again if someone pushed him. Thomas looks at Hope’s worried face and replies, “Nobody pushed me. It was an accident.” Sanchez accepts it and warns Thomas his name came up in another matter related to information from Flo Fulton and Xander Avant so he shouldn’t leave town. Ridge intervenes and Sanchez exits. Thomas tells Hope there’s no excuse for what he did; he was wrong. He apologizes to his dad for letting him down and promises he’ll never do anything like this again. Thomas wouldn’t blame Hope if she never forgave him, but he hopes she will. Hope listens to Thomas on Bold and BeautifulHope grimaces as Thomas claims he did it out of love for Hope and adds he didn’t tell the detective Brooke pushed him because he’s putting Hope’s happiness first – he loves her. Dr. Armstrong wants Thomas to rest. In the hall, he tells Ridge and Brooke that he doesn’t foresee any setbacks for Thomas. After, Ridge muses to Brooke that his son got lucky and so did she – she must be relieved Thomas didn’t tell Sanchez the truth. Brooke explains she reacted to what she saw and reminds him they were both concerned. Ridge denies he was concerned and feels Thomas gave Brooke a break. He wants her to thank him. Brooke is appalled after what he did to her daughter and grandchild and refuses – she thinks Thomas’ apology was him still trying to manipulate Hope. She warns Thomas will have to pay for what he’s done to Hope.

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At Forrester Creations, Sally teases Wyatt that the kiss was ‘alright’. Wyatt want another try. Sally says, “Slow your roll, Cowboy.” She’s not sure she’s ready to dive in headfirst to…whatever this is. Wyatt thinks fast is better but it’s her decision. They revisit him overreacting to the secret she kept, Sally teases Wyatt about kiss on Bold and Beautifuland Sally concedes she should have told Wyatt what Thomas was up to. Wyatt feels Thomas would use anyone to get what he wants and thinks he got exactly what he deserves, though he doesn’t want him to die. Sally agrees he got himself into this mess but worries about Douglas. Talk turns to Flo. Sally wonders how he feels about her being in jail. Wyatt believes she should pay for the lies and deception. He just wants to move past this and hopes to do it with Sally. She’s non-committal, but soon they’re joking about Wyatt’s chewing noises, which leads to him asking her on a dinner date. Wyatt wants a new start and kisses Sally deeply.

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At the cabin, Hope and Liam discuss Thomas covering for Brooke. Liam thinks he’s trying to score sympathy and Hope feels nothing can make up for what he did; his apology isn’t enough, not even close, but she’ll focus on Beth’s future now.

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