Ridge, Detective Sanchez and Thomas Bold and Beautiful
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

At the hospital, Hope explains to Detective Sanchez that Thomas was grabbing her, but he was trying to apologize. Sanchez asks Brooke, “Was this an accident, Mrs. Forrester? Or did someone deliberately push him?” A nurse interrupts and Hope decides to go in to see Thomas. Ridge tells Sanchez Hope’s not a threat to his son. Sanchez asks, “And someone else is?” Ridge wants to focus on Thomas’ recovery, not the detective’s ridiculous speculation. In the room, Hope informs the unconscious Thomas he shouldn’t be there, but he needs to know she’ll never forgive him for what he did. She doesn’t think she’s hated anyone in her entire life, but she hates him, his lies, and who he’s become. Hope marvels that he claimed to love her while lying about her daughter. Dr. Armstrong, Detective Sanchez and Thomas Bold and BeautifulShe cries about him telling her marrying him was the only way she could be a mother when he knew about Beth. It makes her sick! Hope wonders if Caroline’s death made him unravel and asks him to wake up and prove himself to his son. Thomas moves. Hope calls to everyone, “He’s waking up.” Sanchez tells Brooke maybe now he’ll get answers. Dr. Armstrong examines Thomas and is pleased, but suggests only Ridge and the detective stay. Sanchez asks if Thomas remembers his fall and presses, “Was it an accident or did someone deliberately try and kill you?”

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At Forrester Creations, Wyatt’s stunned to hear Shauna visited Quinn to ask for help. Quinn admits she wanted to at first, but she just couldn’t feel sorry for them once she heard the details. Wyatt admits he just wants to move on. She wonders if he means moving on as in rebound.Wyatt and Quinn at Forrester Creations Bold and Beautiful Wyatt counters maybe Flo was the rebound. Quinn realizes he’s talking about Sally and rants that she’s not a trustworthy person. Talk turns to Thomas and Quinn takes a call from Eric and assures him she’s sending positive thoughts. After, Wyatt snarks maybe she should send some Hope and Liam’s way, then brings up Sally again. Quinn reminds him Sally disappointed him too. Wyatt argues he shouldn’t have walked away over a disappointment, and he wanted to see where things went with Flo – he probably doesn’t deserve a second chance with Sally. If he gets another shot it doesn’t matter if 100 ex-girlfriends come to town, Sally’s his girl. Sally appears and says, “100 huh?” Quinn exits for the hospital and Wyatt updates Sally on Thomas’ accident. Sally worries about Douglas if Thomas doesn’t make it. Wyatt feels he shouldn’t be caring for the boy even if he does survive. Sally and Wyatt at Forrester Creations Bold and BeautifulThey agree to disagree, then discuss their relationship. Wyatt regrets letting her go and calls her the best-looking, smartest redhead in town. He wants a second chance even if he doesn’t deserve it. Sally teases, “Did you book that spa weekend yet?” She suggests France or Fiji as Wyatt stammers. Sally decides they should stay in Malibu – she’s been given a lot of second chances and maybe it’s time to return the favor. Wyatt kisses her.

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