Brooke and Hope look at Ridge and Liam Bold and Beautiful
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At the hospital, Ridge paces then sits beside Brooke, who offers to get him food or water. He wants nothing. Brooke’s eyes tear up as he snarks that Thomas ‘accidentally’ fell off a cliff. Dr. Jordan Armstron updates Ridge and Brooke Bold and BeautifulBrooke tells Ridge she wouldn’t push him. Ridge snarls, “You’ve always had issues with my kid.” Brooke retorts, “I wouldn’t kill him.” Dr. Armstrong briefs them, then Brooke reiterates to Ridge that she wants Thomas to wake up – she would never deliberately harm him. Ridge knows what he saw. Brooke maintains it was an accident and urges her husband to have faith Thomas will pull through.

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At Spencer Publications, Justin rants about Thomas possibly being behind Emma’s death, while Wyatt complains about his parenting of Douglas. Bill calls him a scumbag as Katie enters. She guesses they’re talking about Thomas and remarks on him lying about Beth – she imagines Brooke must want to kill him. They discuss Hope’s depression and her decisions. Bill points out Thomas was manipulating her and reinforcing the bad choices.

At the cliff house, Liam tells Hope that Thomas wouldn’t have been on the cliff in the first place if he’d told the truth about Beth. Hope wants to go to the hospital. Liam takes a call from Wyatt and updates him that Thomas fell off the cliff and it sounds like Brooke pushed him.

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In Bill’s office, Wyatt relays the story of Thomas going off the cliff to Justin, Bill, and Katie. Bill decides it’s karma. Wyatt agrees it serves him right. Katie supposes Thomas heard about the annulment and tracked Hope down. They all agree about Brooke’s protectiveness of Hope. Katie knows Brooke wouldn’t hurt anyone on purpose and so does Ridge. Bill chirps, “Don’t count on it.” He predicts Ridge will blame Brooke and side with Thomas against her. Katie argues, “What mother wouldn’t intervene?” She feels she was trying to protect Hope, not hurt Thomas. Talk turns to Justin’s niece – he believes Thomas was involved. Katie and Bill agree whatever happened with Brooke and Thomas was an accident. Justin adds if the investigation proves he caused Emma’s death, he’ll wish the fall had killed him. Katie and Bill worry about Brooke getting in trouble.

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Hope and Liam join Brooke and Ridge at the hospital. Ridge says he’ll call Steffy and Taylor when there’s something concrete to tell them – they don’t need more stress. Brooke looks at Ridge with Hope, Liam Bold and BeautifulWhen Ridge steps away, Liam remarks to Brooke he hopes Thomas pulls through so he can kill him. Ridge rejoins them and Brooke tells the group that she didn’t deliberately push Thomas over the edge – he was being intimidating. Ridge asks Hope if Thomas threatened her. Hope and Brooke run down the scene for Ridge, but Hope admits he didn’t threaten her and tells Brooke she misread the situation – Thomas was apologizing.

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