Ridge isn’t prepared to discuss his situation with Taylor, his kids and his mom. Taylor tells him he is basically homeless, but they all want him to return to them. Ridge asks if his mother is behind this, but Stephanie denies it and the kids back her up saying no one planned any of it. Steffy just hopes that he and her mother get back together. She doesn’t want her childhood back, she just misses them being together as a family. Ridge says he fondly remembers them as a family too and Steffy wonders if he ever misses it. Ridge says it was a wonderful time when the kids were growing up, but it’s not right to hang on to a happiness that’s past. You have to enjoy the happiness while it lasts and then you have to let it go. Stephanie wonders if that’s what he’s doing with Brooke – trying to hang on to a happiness that’s past? She says Nick is a revolving door in his relationship with Brooke and now Brooke wants him to raise Jack and she wonders where happily ever after fits into that. She’s not criticizing Brooke, she just wants to understand the dynamic of Brooke and Ridge’s relationship. She thinks it’s a lot of breaking up and getting back together, which leads to a lot of disappointment. Taylor says it’s because Ridge loves Brooke and Ridge confirms this, asking if that's so hard to understand. Taylor says no and that’s why she had to let him go, but the connection between love and happiness doesn’t automatically link up. She says after they broke up she was in love, but there was a lot of unhappiness and asks Ridge if that sounds familiar. Taylor and Ridge then take a trip down memory lane and Taylor says she always knew that Brooke was waiting in the wings somewhere and she was always afraid of that. Taylor insists she’s different now though. She knows Ridge will probably always love Brooke, but she’s not upset by that because she can fight back now and she can be a lot sexier now and she’s not afraid to prove that. Uncomfortable, Thomas suggests they play tennis and a game is planned. Taylor will get the racquets and Steffy suggests she get beer, but Taylor reminds her she’s not old enough to drink and also that there is no alcohol in the house.

After putting Jack to bed, Nick and Katie find time to flirtatiously play some Nerf basketball. Nick playfully gets tired and Katie makes jokes about him being old and smoking his cigars. Nick declares the game a tie and they engage in more witty banter. Katie feeds Nick nuts and asks him if they will always be this happy. Instead of answering her, Nick happily kisses her.

Rick eats his ham and cheese sandwich in bed and his phone rings. He makes sure no one is around and slowly gets out of bed to answer it. He sits back on the bed and Brooke comes in asking what he’s doing. She tells him he’s not ready to be doing the things he’s used to doing and helps him back in bed. She says if he overdoes it too soon, he’ll hurt himself again. Rick reiterates that it wasn’t his fault he fell off the building. Brooke tells him he shouldn’t be using his phone and Rick jokingly asks how he will download porn without it. Brooke instructs him to eat his lunch and leaves the room.

Nick comes in the room with a tray of food and Katie tells him she heard from Beth and learned that Rick moved into Brooke’s house and Ridge moved out. Nick is sure Ridge didn’t leave without a fight and Katie says Rick and Ridge never really got along. Nick wonders who over the age of 10 does Ridge get along with? Katie thinks Nick seems awfully happy that Brooke and Ridge broke up, but Nick says it's not their business. He kisses Katie and asks if they can get to their business.

Brooke comes back to Rick’s room and he thanks her for all she’s done for him. She tells him there’s someone else he needs to thank and Rick assumes she’s talking about Bridget. Brooke corrects him saying he should thank Ridge for letting him move in. She tells him this isn’t a contest of who she loves more. She is raising kids with Ridge and doesn’t want to make the same mistakes she made with him and Bridget. Annoyed, Rick thinks Brooke should leave, but Brooke says he doesn’t have to like Ridge, but Rick needs to understand that once he gets well, Ridge will move back in and they will be married.

Nick and Katie have sex on the living room floor and Katie worries about the future. She doesn't want anything to change, but Nick says things will not stay the same and they will change, but for now he wants her to be exactly the way she is and to let him love her exactly the way that he does.

Ridge grabs tennis clothes from his car and Stephanie greets him at the door. She says he should go with his feelings and if it feels good, how can it be wrong? Ridge goes to change in the den and his phone rings. Stephanie grabs it and sees that Brooke is calling, but doesn’t tell Ridge.

Brooke leaves Ridge a message and tells him again how loving and generous he is being. She thanks him for today and tells him she loves him forever.

Taylor comes out in tennis clothes and Stephanie thinks Taylor definitely got Ridge’s attention. Stephanie warns Taylor that Brooke will be on red alert once she learns Taylor is sniffing around. Ridge and the kids come out ready to play, but Thomas and Steffy argue first about Thomas' room being taken up with Steffy’s stuff. Taylor is affected and says she can’t remember when she’s been this happy. She says to Ridge, “Please say it isn’t just me.”

As Brooke tends to Rick, Taylor embraces Ridge.

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