Hope, Brooke and Ridge surround Thomas Bold and Beautiful
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At the cliff house, Thomas goes over the cliff. Ridge yells, “Thomas!” When they get to Thomas, he’s lying on the sand unconscious. Hope is on the phone with the ambulance and Ridge barks, “Tell them to hurry up.” Hope returns to the house and flashes to the incident as Liam arrives and realizes something’s wrong. Hope stammers, “Thomas…” She describes him showing up, grabbing her, and not letting her leave.Liam holds Hope on Bold and Beautiful Liam explodes, but Hope says Thomas was just trying to get her to listen. She doesn’t think she was in danger, but her mom saw Thomas holding her and pushed him. Liam remarks, “Good.” Hope says Thomas went over the edge of the cliff…and Ridge saw it all happen. Liam asks if Thomas will make it. Hope’s unsure. Liam offers to take her to the hospital, but Hope will stay and break the news to Steffy.

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In the hospital, Dr. Jordan Armstrong, (played by Vincent Irizarry), learns Thomas’ name from Ridge and is unable to get a response from him. Dr. Jordan Armstrong, Brooke, Ridge, Thomas Bold and BeautifulThey wheel him into an examination room. Brooke watches as Ridge frets. After, Dr. Armstrong tells Ridge they’re doing a CAT scan and warns Thomas is still unconscious. They can’t see him yet. Brooke reassures Ridge that Thomas will wake up from this accident. Ridge remarks on her referring to it as an accident and worries Douglas could lose another parent. He knows lying was awful, but does he deserve this? Brooke urges Ridge to be strong and positive. Ridge recalls Brooke never missing a chance to tell everybody how screwed up Thomas is – he never thought she’d push him off a cliff. “My son might be dead because of you.”

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At Spencer Publications, Bill gives Justin and Wyatt kudos for their work. Wyatt asks for an update on Bill and Katie and Justin wonders if they’ll hear wedding bells.Bill vows to Justin and Wyatt that Flo will pay Bold and Beautiful Bill says they’re focusing on being a family for now. Talk turns to Flo being in custody and Bill thanks Justin for helping with Hope’s annulment. Justin was surprised to learn the investigation into Emma’s death was reopened and that Thomas may have been involved. Bill doesn’t want to think about what he’d do to that guy if not for Douglas. Wyatt laments getting caught up with Flo. Bill doesn’t blame him and rants about Flo going along with Reese stealing a baby – they’re all guilty but Thomas still needs to be dealt with. He hopes Ridge figures out his son’s a nutjob before he causes more damage – he deserves everything he gets. Bill grumbles about all Douglas has been through; Hope, Liam and Beth too. He’s livid about Thomas hiding the truth and wants him to suffer.

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