Amelia brings Douglas to Thomas Bold and Beautiful
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In the cabin, Liam worries about how Thomas reacted to Hope’s phone call. Hope comments on his lack of interest in Douglas. Liam suggests she tell the boy she spoke to his dad, so he doesn’t start thinking his father’s in heaven too. Hope was thinking she’d teach Douglas how to help with Beth and asks if Liam could see Douglas living with them. She doesn’t want to see him uprooted again. Liam doesn’t want him around Thomas again. Liam confirms he’d be willing to take Douglas in. As Hope leaves to get Beth’s things from Steffy’s house, Liam asks her not to pick up if Thomas calls her back.

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At Vinny’s place, he has a list of grievances against Thomas as a roommate. Thomas hands him his credit card to buy groceries and clothes, then again refers to his brat son ruining his life. Vinny hollers that he needs to stop calling his kid a brat – his father called him names and he was afraid when he came home. Thomas muses that he and Douglas have unfinished business.

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In the main house, Douglas is preparing to go to the zoo with Amelia and asks Brooke and Ridge when Daddy’s coming home. Ridge isn’t sure but he misses him very much. Douglas wonders if Hope knows, since they’re married. Brooke assures him Hope loves him very much. After, Ridge is annoyed at Brooke’s hints that Thomas can’t care for his kid – he knew they’d watch him. Brooke thinks it’s for the best Thomas isn’t around right now. Brooke listens to Ridge's failures Bold and BeautifulUpstairs, Amelia, with Douglas in his room, takes a call from Thomas, who convinces her to bring Douglas to Vinny’s. Downstairs, Brooke reminds Ridge that Thomas is in trouble as he argues that Douglas needs his father. Brooke feels Thomas needs help – they have to find him so nothing else happens. Ridge confides that he’s responsible – he didn’t help Thomas when he was a kid, he wasn’t there. Brooke points out Thomas had a lot of opportunities and advantages. Ridge feels he should have taught him how to use them.

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Amelia with Douglas Bold and BeautifulAt Vinny’s place, Thomas convinces Amelia he and Douglas need one-on-one time. Amelia reluctantly leaves. Thomas questions his son and learns Liam’s back in the cabin. He berates the boy for letting Liam take Hope away from him and tells Douglas he convinced Hope that he is mean and now she’s erasing their marriage. “How could you just open your mouth and blab that Phoebe was Beth?!” Thomas becomes terrifying as he yells at the boy until Douglas holds up his hands and shouts, “Daddy don’t!”

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