Thomas takes phone call Bold and Beautiful
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At Brooke and Ridge’s house, Ridge tells Detective Sanchez that Emma’s death was an accident – there’s no need to clear Thomas. Sanchez wants to speak to Thomas and thinks him not answering his phone may be unusual behavior. Brooke says she has concerns regarding her daughter – Thomas has been known to be obsessive. Detective Sanchez with Brooke Bold and BeautifulShe then asks, “What if Xander is right?” Ridge hollers that Emma died because she was texting and driving, anything else is speculation. Sanchez must talk to Thomas. The detective leaves, and Brooke repeats that she needs to know Thomas isn’t a threat to Hope. Ridge admits Thomas screwed up but that’s different from being dangerous. Brooke worries how he’ll react to the marriage being over. “I am worried for my daughter’s safety!” Ridge unsuccessfully tries to reach Thomas again.

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At Vinny’s place, Thomas intones, “I will not lose you, Hope. You’re my wife. You belong with me.” He rants about not hearing one word from Hope – he’s certain Liam and Brooke are turning her against him. Vinny and Thomas face to face Bold and BeautifulVinny suggests he call Hope, but Thomas decides he has to see her in person. Vinny’s not convinced it’s a good idea while Thomas is so worked up. Thomas ignores him and goes on about Liam poisoning her. Vinny assures him Hope will listen; she’s his wife. Thomas agrees; Hope is his wife…that will never change. He’ll do whatever it takes to keep the family together. They’ll be happy once he explains.

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In the cabin, Justin assures Hope and Liam that Thomas won’t be able to contest the annulment. Hope feels he won’t take it well, but she won’t allow him to control her life again. Hope and Liam with the phone Bold and BeautifulJustin is pleased to help her put this behind her so she can focus on being a mom to Beth. He leaves, and Liam questions if they should have asked Justin about a restraining order – they don’t know what Thomas will do when he finds out she’s ending the marriage. They go over Hope’s regrets about marrying him. Liam feels Thomas is sick and thinks he’ll try to see Hope again – finding out about the annulment could send him over the edge. There’s no telling what he’s capable of. Hope picks up her phone to call Thomas. Liam’s appalled. Hope feels he’ll pick up for her – she’s not afraid of him.

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At Vinny’s, Thomas answers Hope’s call – he’s missed her and never meant to hurt her. Hope confronts him about betraying her then says she’s having their marriage annulled. Thomas stammers, “You can’t.” He wants to explain. Hope advises him to talk to her lawyer; their marriage is over. She reminds him Douglas is worried. He mutters about the kid spying on him. Hope tells him to be there for his son – she never wants to speak to him again. Thomas protests but she disconnects. Thomas, panicking, intones, “Until death do us part.”

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