Vinny with angry Thomas Bold and Beautiful
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In the cabin, Hope can’t believe Beth is really home and all the bad stuff is behind them now. She promises to fix the mess she made. Liam, who has been listening, thinks Beth is perfect like her mother. Hope tells him Justin will be stopping by to help with legalities since Carter’s out of town. Beth is put down easily. Hope says they have Steffy to thank for that.Hope with Beth and Liam Bold and Beautiful Justin arrives and tells Hope that Carter sent him the adoption paperwork and feels terrible about his role in keeping Beth away from her. Justin will file a petition for fraud. No one expects pushback from Steffy. Hope also wants to annul her marriage – she wants it over as fast as possible. Hope will still be a mother figure to Douglas, but Thomas kept Beth from her and threatened others who knew. She expresses condolences to Justin on the loss of Emma. He finds the turn of events with Thomas shocking. Liam fills him in on Thomas being nuts and threatening. Justin worries what might happen if Hope says she’s ending the marriage. Hope is taking her life back.

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In the main house, Ridge still can’t reach Thomas and Brooke wishes they knew where he was and what he’s thinking. Douglas appears and asks about his dad. Douglas with Brooke and Ridge Bold and BeautifulThey reassure him as the boy worries his daddy doesn’t like him anymore. Ridge counsels that Thomas loves him, and anger goes away. Later, Brooke expresses concern about Thomas – if he can scare his own son what might he do to Hope? Ridge thinks he’ll fix things, but Brooke clarifies that Hope and Thomas’ relationship is over – they need to find him. “I think your son is dangerous.” They bicker whether Thomas is unstable or ran Emma off the road. Detective Sanchez arrives looking to question Thomas regarding Emma Barber’s death. He relays Thomas chased Emma and ran her off Mulholland. Ridge insists he didn’t kill anybody and realizes Sanchez thinks he’s a murderer.

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At Vinny’s place, Thomas stews as his friend suggests he call his dad back. Thomas feels he can’t trust anyone but Hope. He appreciates Vinny letting him crash but sleeping on his couch makes him feel like an idiot. Vinny exasperated with Thomas Bold and BeautifulVinny urges Thomas to chill out, but he’s frantic that his wife is most likely with another man. Thomas paces and Vinny works to calm him down. He can’t do that when Liam is taking advantage of his wife – he’s so smug and entitled. Thomas hisses, “Hope is mine now. I have to get her away from him. For good this time.” Vinny asks, “What about your son.” Thomas retorts, “The little brat that ratted me out?” He decides he’ll calmly explain why he didn’t tell her about Beth and they can carry on – they took vows, “Until death do us part,” and nothing else is acceptable. Thomas narrows his eyes and glowers, “You’re mine, Hope. You’re mine.”

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