Detective Sanchez, Shauna, Flo arrest Bold and Beautiful
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In Brooke’s living room, Shauna’s confident that Flo will get through to Hope. Katie disagrees – this is about a stolen baby. Ridge enters and learns Shauna is asking for a little forgiveness. Ridge doesn’t care about Flo’s intentions; he cares about her actions – actions that will land her in prison. Shauna urges them to blame Reese Buckingham. Ridge says there’s plenty of blame to go around. Shauna begs them not to have Flo arrested. Brooke says Flo stole her granddaughter and lied about it – she’s not her niece, she’s a thief, and that’s all she’ll ever be to her.

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In the cabin, Hope’s stunned that Flo thinks she may deserve a second chance. Flo wants to try to make it right. Hope counters, “All those months lost with my daughter, you think you can make that right?” Flo wants to show Hope she can trust her again. She reiterates she was helping a friend and adds that Thomas also knew. Hope asks why Flo didn’t come to her before Thomas found out. Flo pleads. Hope intones, “Forgive you? Hell no. Not now and not ever.” Hope feels it Flo even remotely understood what she put her through she wouldn’t have shown up there. Hope slaps Flo Bold and BeautifulShe becomes furious that Flo thinks she’s a victim and starts hollering – did she even think about Steffy and her heartbreak? She breaks down that Flo made her care about her and was deceiving her the entire time. Flo protests – she struggled every day. Hope screams – she doesn’t want to hear about it! She seethes about what she was put through for a loser’s gambling debt, then slaps Flo across the face and levels, “That…is what you deserve.” Flo will give her more time. Hope wants her out of her life forever. She bellows about all the ‘firsts’ she missed that she can never get back and calls Flo her uncle’s bastard, not a cousin. Brooke, Donna, Katie and Ridge bust in with Shauna. The Logans lay into Flo about keeping quiet. Detective Sanchez arrives – he got Ridge’s call. Shauna cautions Flo not to say another word, as Sanchez arrests her for kidnapping and fraud. Shauna pleads as she’s taken away.

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At the beach house, Wyatt’s happy for Liam, who marvels that Beth is back. Wyatt hugs him. Liam reports that Bill and Justin are on their way. Justin, Bill, Wyatt and Liam discuss Flo Bold and BeautifulThe duo arrives and Bill’s disappointed Hope isn’t there with Beth. Liam asks after Justin’s family since Emma’s death. Justin says they’re still trying to make sense of it. Talk turns to what Buckingham pulled off. Liam notes he had help. Wyatt grimly says, “He certainly did.” Bill anticipates Flo’s arrest and hopes the two of them will rot in their cells. Wyatt doesn’t think Flo will fight this; she’s remorseful. Liam hates Flo but realizes Wyatt cares about her. Wyatt has no room in his life for her after what she’s done. Bill wants to make sure both Flo and Reese pay.

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