Hope and Liam kiss Beth Bold and Beautiful
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In Brooke’s living room, she talks to Ridge about Steffy’s sacrifice and strength. Ridge worries he should have stayed with his daughter. Brooke feels bad for what he’s going through but is also happy for Hope and Liam. Ridge wonders if she’ll go down to the cabin, but Brooke says this is their time to be alone with their little girl. She asks if there’s been any word from Thomas. Ridge says no and leaves him another message to get in touch – he has to pay for what he did. Brooke assures Ridge they’ll look after Douglas.Brooke updates Douglas Bold and Beautiful The boy is dropped off by his friend’s mother, then announces his dad is angry with him – he told a secret. Brooke lets Douglas know they’re not upset with him and that Hope knows Beth is alive. Douglas recounts that his daddy was mean, and his mommy taught him not to lie. Ridge says his mother was a remarkable woman. Brooke updates Douglas that Beth is home, and no one will forget what he did.

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In the cabin, Hope and Liam beam at one another with Beth between them. She can’t believe Beth is there and tells her, “This is home, with your mommy and daddy.” Liam marvels at Brooke having set up a nursery. They recall the night Hope told Liam she was pregnant, and Hope tells Beth how they planned every detail of her arrival before believing they’d lost her. She recaps Liam finding out the truth and observes it’s been an incredible journey. Hope wishes she could freeze this moment in time, but also wants to share the joy with her family and thank Douglas. Liam is worried about Steffy and Kelly, but Thomas has also been on his mind. Hope recalls how Thomas rushed her to get dressed and leave the hotel. Liam’s relieved when she assures him they didn’t have sex. She never stopped loving Liam. Someone knocks and they worry it’s Thomas, but it’s Douglas. Hope laughs; she’s so happy to see him and shows him he brought their baby back. She apologizes for not believing him and promises she’ll always look after him, so will Liam. Hope pulls the boy into an embrace. Liam’s amused to hear Douglas told Thomas that Liam would make Hope believe the truth.

In the main house, Ridge is frustrated the authorities still haven’t found Reese and apologizes to Brooke for not listening regarding his son. Brooke is just glad he and Dr. Buckingham didn’t get away with it and states Hope is reunited with her daughter, and that is something to celebrate.

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Brooke arrives at the cabin to get Douglas and admires Beth. Hope and Douglas express their love to each other before he leaves with Brooke. Liam and Hope marvel at Thomas telling his kid to lie. Hope sits to rock Beth to sleep and pulls out the ultrasound photo – she’s finally in her arms. Liam kneels beside them.

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