Brooke lashes out at Zoe and Flo Bold and Beautiful
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At the cliff house, Hope tells Liam, “This is our baby, I can’t believe it.” He remarks on all the times she held her before and didn’t know it. Hope needs to know how this happened. Liam explains Dr. Buckingham lied and is responsible. He says Flo, who had a secret with Thomas, explained all of it to him. Hope digests that Flo was in on it. Liam says Reese needed someone to pose as the birth mother. Hope’s confused – she held a dead baby on Catalina. Liam says Buckingham made the switch when she passed out and tells her about the gambling debt and how the baby ended up with Steffy through Taylor. He adds Steffy and Taylor had no idea the baby was Beth. Hope learns Zoe, Xander, and Emma knew – she was on the way to tell Hope when she died.Liam and Hope with Beth our family Bold and Beautiful Liam adds that Thomas was chasing Emma; he knew the truth since they annulled their marriage. Hope is disgusted. She credits Liam for saving her and cries again, “We have our Beth.” They marvel about Douglas bringing it to light and Hope reflects it now makes sense that Shauna never knew Flo was pregnant. She remembers hearing Flo and Zoe talking about Beth too – they let her suffer. Hope ended their marriage because she thought Beth was gone, but their dreams are still alive. They express their love and Hope says, “Welcome to our family.”

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At Forrester Creations, Brooke is apoplectic to learn her granddaughter is alive and Flo lied. Ridge clarifies, “So, Phoebe is Beth?” Flo replies, “I’m so sorry.” When Zoe enters, Brooke tells her they just found out the truth and demands to know how her father was involved. Zoe protests that her life was in danger. Brooke doesn’t care. Flo explains she didn’t know who the birth mother was initially and when she found out she tried to come clean many times. Brooke shouts – no one was willing to tell her daughter the truth! Zoe cries – they wanted to tell her, but things got out of hand. Flo says it’s over now, but Ridge fumes – what about Steffy?Zoe cries during confrontation on Bold and Beautiful Flo explains Steffy has no idea of any of this and that Taylor knew Reese through medical connections. Brooke learns how Buckingham swapped babies and is horrified. Zoe’s apologetic. Brooke simply can’t believe Flo did this as a favor. Flo admits Reese gave her money, but she later threw it back at him. Brooke snarls they must be disgusted with themselves as Ridge vows they’ll pay. Brooke marvels that they accepted Flo into the family and she and Zoe sat back and let this happen – they shamefully and willfully participated in this crime against her daughter. Ridge gets on the phone to have Reese arrested, as Zoe pleads on deaf ears for leniency. Shauna talks of Flo’s guilt. Brooke assures her they’ll all pay for what they’ve done…but now, they have to tell Hope.

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