Hope, Beth and Liam reunited Bold and Beautiful
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On the rooftop at Forrester Creations, Liam and Hope joyfully embrace. He’ll explain everything but right now they have to go see her. Hope cries, “Yes, yes! Thank you!”

Ridge and Brooke are canoodling at home, but she senses something’s wrong. Ridge says Steffy’s concerned about Liam and so is he. He wonders if Liam’s asked Brooke anything about Flo or the adoption – he seems to think Flo may not be Phoebe’s birth mother. He explains about the information Liam got from the Las Vegas hospital. Brooke trusts Liam’s instincts and recalls that Shauna was shocked about Phoebe and the adoption. They debate as Ridge thinks Liam’s going through something. He finally tells Brooke that Liam thinks Beth is alive. Brooke is stunned when Ridge elaborates that he thinks Phoebe is Beth and that he got the idea from Douglas, who heard it from Thomas. Brooke needs to get to the bottom of this. They head out.

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Hope holds Beth Bold and Beautiful At the cliff house, Liam sends the babysitter home. Hope is overcome with emotion as they approach the bedroom door. Liam offers to bring Beth to her. Hope nods. She flashes to what happened on Catalina. Liam appears with the baby. Hope takes Beth and tells her they’re going to erase that night and start over. Beth jabbers, “Mama, mama,” as Hope sobs happy tears. Liam tearfully watches them. Hope cries that they’ll begin anew, and they’ll never let Beth go. Liam kisses Hope.

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At Forrester Creations, Shauna finds Flo packing her things into a box. Flo updates her that Wyatt knows the secret and so does Liam…she’s sure by now Hope knows too. Shauna thinks the doctor should pay, not Flo, but she points out she knew what he was doing and didn’t stop him.Shauna wants to run Bold and Beautiful Flo says it’s over – Wyatt, Forrester, the family…it’s all gone. Hope and the Logans will hate her, and they should. Shauna urges Flo to place the blame on her, then decides she should run, but Flo discounts both scenarios. Brooke and Ridge arrive to question Flo about Liam’s claims. Brooke narrows her eyes, “What’s going on here, Flo? We need to know.” Flo reveals she’s not the little girl’s mother. Brooke demands to know who her mother is and asks, “Is it Hope?” Flo gasps, “Yes. Phoebe is Hope’s baby.”

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