Hope gets between Thomas and Liam Bold and Beautiful
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At the cliff house, Ridge agrees with Steffy that the idea Phoebe is Beth is a little out there. Steffy’s sure Flo will explain the mix-up at the hospital and tells Phoebe she’s her mommy and loves her. Ridge assures her there will be an explanation and doesn’t blame Liam – he’s going through a lot. Steffy’s stomach’s in knots. Ridge reiterates Beth is gone and Phoebe’s asleep, right over there.

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In the Forrester Creations office, Thomas continues trying to gain access as Liam tells Hope their daughter is alive and Thomas kept it from her. He pleads with her to come with him to see her – if she takes one look at her, she’ll know. Hope calms Thomas Bold and BeautifulJust then, Thomas bursts in, fuming, and hollers at Liam to get away from his wife as Hope gets between them. Thomas punches Liam to the floor when he mentions Douglas then drags Hope out the door to the roof. Thomas tearfully says he can’t lose her; they have to go. Hope tells him this isn’t love. Thomas claims Liam’s lying. Hope screams, “You hit him!” then asks, “Who are you?” Thomas grabs her intensely before apologizing. He snarls she needs to forget about Liam, as Liam appears and punches him. A fistfight ensues as Hope screams. Hope on rooftop Bold and BeautifulThomas takes off and tries to call his pilot as Liam gets him in a headlock and tells him to confess to Hope. Thomas gets away. Hope sobs as Liam explains the dead baby they held wasn’t Beth – she’s alive; she’s Phoebe. He adds Steffy didn’t know, then enthuses, “We’re going to have our family back.” They laugh and cry in each other’s arms.

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In the beach house, Flo tells Wyatt she didn’t know what Reese wanted at first and then she got in too deep, too fast. She says it was agony watching Hope every day. Wyatt protests – why didn’t she stop it? Flo insists every time she tried someone got in her way, then Thomas got involved and personally threatened her life. She begs Wyatt to forgive her – they can’t end like this. Flo cries she’s the same person he fell in love with. Wyatt goes on about the number of chances she had and the months she let it go on. Flo cries to Wyatt Bold and BeautifulShe should have come to him with the truth. Wyatt can’t wrap his head around her letting this happen and go on. Flo thinks they can still have the future they dreamed of, but Wyatt protests over her withholding the hugest information possible. Flo is glad it’s out; she can finally breathe again. Wyatt states the person standing in front of him isn’t a person he’s trusted or loved and questions his judgement. Flo warns him not to blame himself. Wyatt thinks she’d have been a hero if she had come forward. Flo couldn’t stand the thought of losing him again. But she did, and will probably go to jail anyway. She’s just glad Hope can finally be a mother to her child.

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