Liam and Wyatt confront Flo on Bold and Beautiful
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In the bedroom, Liam croons to Beth and Steffy asks, “Liam, what are you doing?” Liam tells her the baby is Beth. She says it’s Phoebe. Steffy takes Liam to the living room – she’s sorry but Beth is gone. Liam protests that Douglas heard his father say Phoebe was Beth. Thomas had a secret with Flo, so that’s the secret; Phoebe is Beth. They get into it. Steffy thinks Liam is having a breakdown. She feels Flo will straighten it out, but Liam argues she’s been lying the whole time. He adds that Thomas is a terrible person who guarded the secret to get Hope.Steffy holds baby looking fearful on Bold and Beautiful Liam repeats, “Beth is my baby!” Steffy feels it’s insane. Liam agrees, but it fits. He restates his reasoning but Steffy reminds him Beth was stillborn – they held her. How does he explain that? Liam doesn’t know, but only Flo can verify if she gave birth. Liam leaves and Douglas asks Steffy if she’s mad at him. She reassures him she’s not. The baby cries and he says, “That’s Beth crying.” Steffy says it’s Phoebe and goes to her. “Mommy’s got you, Phoebe.”

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In a moment alone in the hotel room, Hope pulls out Beth’s sonogram picture. In the hallway, Thomas meets with Vinny, who has something to make his honeymoon a little more of a party. Hope and Thomas get room service Bold and BeautifulHe hands over some drugs and urges Thomas to have fun with the new Mrs. Forrester. In the room, Hope thinks about Liam. Thomas rejoins her and notes she hasn’t touched her champagne before suggesting they avoid the spa and give each other massages in the room. He wants them to be together the way a husband and wife should. He gifts her with something sexy to wear and Hope goes to put it on. Thomas hides the pills and silences Hope’s phone and hides it. She emerges in lingerie and Thomas removes his shirt and kisses her.

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Wyatt arrives at the beach house where Flo has something to tell him about Thomas. She clarifies nothing is going on between them, then launches into a speech about how much she wants to be with Wyatt. She needs to be honest with him and can’t put it off any longer. Flo has something important to tell Wyatt Bold and BeautifulFlo says she did a friend a favor and got caught up in something she regrets, but notes if she hadn’t she wouldn’t have reconnected with him or found her family. Wyatt urges her to be honest. Flo has to come clean about Thomas, Liam and Hope. She has Wyatt hold her. Liam bursts in as Flo adds that it’s also about Beth. Liam confronts Flo for being a liar, who never gave birth to Phoebe. “Admit it.” Wyatt defends Flo until she blurts, “He’s right. I’ve never been pregnant, I’ve never had a baby.” Liam asks who had the baby and pleads, “Say the name!” Flo gasps, “Hope! Hope is the mother.” Wyatt reels.

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