Liam updates Steffy on Bold and Beautiful

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In the hotel, Thomas reminds Hope that he’s her husband, not Liam. She has to move on and put Liam in the past. Thomas decides he also prefers to take things slow since it’s more romantic and suggests room service with candles. There’s no reason to rush things – they have all night. Thomas agrees to take it slow Bold and BeautifulLater, while the room service is wheeled in, Thomas is on the phone with Vinny, (played by Joe LoCicero), who tells him he has a wedding gift for him and Hope – something he knows he’ll enjoy. Hope assumes he’s checking in on Douglas as he disconnects. She realizes Thomas ordered champagne. They toast to their family. When Thomas takes a call, Hope tells herself, “Let go,” and thinks about Liam.

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At the beach house, Flo calls out for Wyatt, then texts that she needs to see him – it’s important. She flashes through events surrounding the baby secret since she came to town.Shauan wants Flo to keep quiet Bold and Beautiful Shauna arrives and Flo announces she can’t keep the secret any longer. Frustrated, Shauna debates the issue with her and questions if Thomas actually threatened her. Flo confirms it and learned about his past from the Logans. Shauna gushes about her getting to know her aunts, but Flo stuns her by saying Thomas burned down her cousin’s house. She asks her mother to remember who she is and vows to tell Wyatt everything. He’ll help her go to Hope and Liam and explain their little girl is alive. Shauna points out she could lose Wyatt. Flo figures she’ll lose everything, but it will be worth it.

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At the cliff house, Douglas insists to Liam that Phoebe is Beth. He repeats, “Beth didn’t die. That’s your baby. That’s Beth.” As the baby jabbers, “Dada,” in the background, Liam questions Douglas, who admits he heard his daddy say it. They adjourn to the living room as Douglas says his mommy told him always to tell the truth. He runs off and Liam updates Steffy that the boy said Phoebe is Beth…her brother told him so. Suddenly, Liam gets the call back from the doctor at the Vegas hospital, and learns Flo didn’t give birth there. The doctor was out of the country on the date of birth and is concerned there’s a birth certificate with her name on it.Liam holds Beth sobs Bold and Beautiful Liam disconnects and tells Steffy that Flo lied. Steffy thinks there could be a clerical error on the birth certificate, then learns Wyatt told him Flo acted like she’d never given birth. Liam gasps, “Catalina,” then goes in, picks up Beth and sobs. She says, “Dada.” He cries, “Yeah, I’m your dada.”

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